Best school in Nigeria: Why we think Greensprings fits this position

Are you looking for the best school in Nigeria? Then, this article is a must-read.

There are a lot of reviews about top schools in Nigeria, and it is essential to know how they are ranked as the best schools in Nigeria.

Most websites and bodies base their ranking on fees, the age of school, student to teacher ratio, academic track records, awards, influential alumni, teacher’s qualification and the likes.

For example, here is the truth about college rankings that you need to know.

Before we go into the reasons why we firmly believe that Greensprings is the best school in Nigeria, let’s briefly look at some ranking factors widely used by media platforms and other organizations.

This blog post will help you to determine the best school for your child correctly.

Widely used ranking factors used to determine the best school in Nigeria


This is one of the elements used by a lot of  websites, education bodies and media agencies to determine if a school is the best school in Nigeria.

For example, this article shows how schools are ranked based on fees. The notion is that if a school has high fees then, you are paying for things like international exposure, highly qualified teachers, conducive environment for learning, high-speed internet connections and high-profile networking and so on.

We all know that quality world-class education does not come cheap. Little wonder why even the best universities in the world are also the most expensive.

Age of school

Most parents highly regard a school that has been existing for quite a while and produced a great track record over the years without closing  up. It shows that the school is producing results and getting recommendations from parents.

This is the reason why this criterion is used to determine the best school in Nigeria by most parents and institutions. Older age could mean that the school has weathered the storm over the years.

Student to teacher ratio

Student to teacher ratio addresses the number of students a teacher takes caters for. See how to calculate on UNESCO‘s site.

A high ratio means the teacher has so many students to cater for. Research shows that lower student ratio results into catering for students properly. This results in child-centered learning so that no child I left behind.

Academic track records

If a school has produced students with consistent great academic achievements that is well celebrated by the media, it could be used as one of the criteria to determine the best school in Nigeria.


Awards received from education bodies and brands could be an indication that a school is well worth her salt. For example, Greensprings school has once received awards from the Nigerian Olympic committee, British Airways, and the  British Council, just to mentions a few.

Successful alumni

Bill Gates of Microsoft and Mark Zuckerberg of Facebook are alumni of the reputable Harvard University. Top universities, colleges, and schools in the world pride themselves in the achievements of their alumni.

If a school has produced a lot of successful and remarkable students, it is seen to have the capacity to give students the foundation to be successful after school. This is very key in determining the best school in Nigeria.

Teacher’s qualification

How qualified are the teachers in a school? This includes experience and actual professional skill and qualification. Like they say, ‘you can’t give what you don’t have,’ teachers  who don’t know how to simplify complexity and foster critical thinking are less likely to work in a top school.

Conducive learning environment

Imagine being taught in a place that is noisy as the market, what is the probability that you’ll learn anything. The classroom environment is a teaching resource that should not be ignored. Students and teachers spend the majority of their day in school classrooms.

Creating an environment and atmosphere that enhance learning will go a long way in helping students to become better learners. That is why this is used as a determining factor for the best school in Nigeria.

In addition to the criteria used by people, agencies, and organizations , we hold a strong opinion that is backed by data,years of experience, comparison with other schools and Parent feedback.

Why we think Greensprings is the best school in Nigeria

This review is based on Greensprings’ wealth of experience, the value delivered as well as Parent’s testimonials.

Let’s delve into it one by one.     

  1. Pacesetter- Set the standard for other schools

One strong reason Greensprings School should be placed as the best school in Nigeria is because she sets the pace for other schools.

Here are some of the ways Greensprings has set the pace:

  • Approved as the first school to offer Cambridge IGCSE exams in Nigeria in 1995
  • The first school in Africa to win Nottingham Cup in the UK in 2014
  • Confirmed as the first and only approved centre for SSAT examination in Nigeria in 2015
  • The first school in Nigeria to produce 2 under-15 national team players in 2015]
  • Approved as the first school in Nigeria to offer BTEC in 2015
  • One of the two schools to record top in the world for mathematics in IGCSE in 2016.
  • Approved as the first thinking school in Nigeria in 2017 (more on this later)
  • Approved as the first school in Nigeria to be a professional development centre for Cambridge International Examinations in 2017.
  1.      Successful Academic Track Record

Over the years, Greensprings School has recorded academic achievements that are worthy of note. The achievements include admission into world-class universities including Ivy League schools. Some of these admissions include scholarships.

Also, the school has bagged national as well as international awards. Just to mention a few, see below:

2 years ago (2016), Honour Olatunji of Greensprings Schools was honoured for being the best in Additional Mathematics in the ‘Top in the World’ category while five other pupils of the school were recognised in the ‘Top in Nigeria’ category, for having the best results in different subjects.

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Best School in NigeriaThis year (2018), 5 Greensprings Students Top Country in Cambridge IGCSE examinations

This is another strong reason we place Greensprings as the best school in Nigeria.

  1.      First Thinking School in Nigeria

Greensprings became the first Thinking School in Nigeria after been accredited by Thinking School International. This feat also means that Greensprings is given the role in training other schools to become a Thinking School.

Thinking Schools International (TSI) was established in 2010 and was a partnership between Designs for Thinking in the US and Kestrel Education in the UK.

What does it mean to be a Thinking School?

The goal of a Thinking School is to facilitate a whole school approach to the development of students’ thinking processes, dispositions, and problem-solving for organizations across the globe who are committed to developing “student-centered” 21st Century Thinking and Learning.

What your child stands to benefit in a thinking school like Greensprings includes the following:

  • Your child will experience global teaching methods based on international best practice.
  • Your child will be trained to become an innovative, world-class student
  • Your child will develop core analytical skills required to solve global problems
  • Your child will develop Thinking Skills required to gain admission and scholarship to world-class universities.
  • Your child will stand a chance to gain recognition within the global community.
  • Your child will develop a growth mindset as adopted by innovative companies such as Apple, Amazon, Oracle, Facebook, etc.

One thing you’ll discover in a thinking school like Greensprings School includes an increased level of independent thinking, improved academic excellence, fewer behavioural problems, and improved classroom management.

This was when Greensprings completed her first stage of becoming a thinking school. Getting accredited as Nigeria’s first thinking school is a  monumental task and one that places Greensprings at the best school in Nigeria.

A true measure of a Thinking School is also reflected in how innovative the students  are and how they are contributing to their society.

Recently, UN honoured Lunameh Itegboje a Greensprings Student who was part of the delegates that represented the United Nations Women (UN Women) at the conference. This was after he demonstrated astute intellectual qualities that were very difficult to ignore.

In addition, he received an award as the overall best delegate and the most organized.

  1.      One of two MACTE Accredited Montessori Schools in Nigeria

Greensprings School became accredited by MACTE in 2017 making her one of the only two schools that are internationally recognized for  Montessori education in Nigeria.

This ultimately implies that the school has a strong emphasis on early childhood education, another reason to be placed as the best school in Nigeria.

MACTE means Montessori Accreditation Council for Teacher Education..

Some of the benefits of choosing a MACTE backed Montessori education for your child include the following:

  •         It is child-centered and teacher-guided
  •         Learning is fun
  •         Parent satisfaction

Click here to see more benefits

As a parent, if you believe that education should be hands-on and not garbage in, garbage out approach, then you should consider a Montessori school.

One other reason parents choose Montessori education at Greensprings School is because it encourages independence, and teach children to love learning.

The best things about the Montessori program is that your child will learn more than just the core subjects of mathematics and language.

They will also learn the soft skills of collaboration, self-motivation, independence, and problem-solving.

Though numerous schools claim to run a Montessori program for preschoolers in Nigeria, the reverse is usually the case as many do not follow international Montessori best practices.

Do you know that Greensprings School was founded based on the need of a young mother who eventually discovered the Montessori program? Greensprings began as a Montessori school.

Greensprings School has experience in Montessori education for over 33 years, making her one of the first Montessori schools in Nigeria.

Wouldn’t it be better to choose a school that has a long track record and backed by MACTE?

See the full history below:

Here is what a parent has to say about her child’s Montessori education:

I am very much impressed with the improvement that my daughter has had both academically and socially over a short period.

Ugochi Nwoke

  1.      Technological advancement

As we all know, technology is changing the way we do a lot of things. It is also providing newer job opportunities.

Greensprings school is very aware of the technological changes and is always seeking ways to use this to make learning better or give children a technological head start career-wise.

The virtual learning which is an online learning environment created for parents, teachers and student makes it easier to keep track of the child’s academic progress.

For example, there is a partial inclusion of robotics into the curriculum of students.


Greensprings strongly admits that she must stay abreast of technological changes in making education relevant for the student.

Daberechi Onyeacholem, a year 9 student of Greensprings School, was part of the 6-man team that  represented Nigeria at the  World Robotics Challenge. The team won two bronze medals at the competition.

  1.      Conducive learning environment

Learning environment contributes to how well students assimilate knowledge. In providing first-class education, Greensprings is committed to giving students a similar learning experience they would receive in first world country by ensuring  conducive learning environment.

As world-class educators, Greensprings is  conscious of the psychology of colours right from preschool in aiding learning in children as well as adults. Greensprings also follow best practices in classroom management which is almost impossible in Nigeria, giving her another shot to be called the best school in Nigeria.

Creating a conducive learning environment goes beyond the structure of the environment.

According to Matthew Lynch ‘Among the first goals that teachers must achieve in order to create a culturally responsive environment successfully is convincing their students that they genuinely  care about their cultural, emotional, and intellectual needs.’

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This is why teachers at Greensprings place emotional intelligence as important as IQ in the class. The teachers care about the student’s learning.

  1.      Award-winning Child Coding School

There is an increase in the number of software engineers  and developers in our world today. Hence, you see big blue-chip companies advocating and demanding for talent in that area.

Software engineering is not the only place where coding is needed. Coding is needed in areas such as Data science, Machine Learning, and Artificial Intelligence.

Our children are currently living in a different world from ours. Coding is intricately part of the curriculum of Greensprings school.

On the 2nd of November 2017, Oluwatamilore Adeboyejo made Greensprings School proud by earning the 1st position out of the five schools that made it to the final stage of the Annual Schools Computer Club summit and Coding Competition.

Greensprings has also recorded students who publish their app on MIT during summer every year.

The school is very aware of the changes in our world placing her as the best school in Nigeria.

  1.      Tight security system, Child-protection, and Anti-bullying policy

Another reason Greensprings School can be placed as the best school in Nigeria is her tight security system.

One of the factors a lot of parents are concerned about joining a school is security.

Though nothing is certain in life, most parents are worried about schools that don’t put strong security measures in place.

Even though Greensprings  school directly work with the Nigerian police who are always armed and on ground 24/7, she has also put other stringent security measures in place.

This includes identification and thorough search of every non-staff . Tags are given to everyone present in the premises. There is also a clock-in card owned by both parents and the student.

There are also 360 degrees security cameras in every location within the school premises.

This helps in behavior management as well as confirming any security bridge report.

For security reasons, other internal measures that are taken are omitted in this piece.

But, child security goes beyond the physical. A child must be emotionally and socially safe in school.

Another factor that is worthy of note is her award-winning child protection policy.

In 2017, Greensprings was honored by the British Council for being outstanding in her efforts in child protection policy.

Greensprings anti-bullying policy and awareness has also fostered mutual respect among students and reduce discrimination to the minimum, another reason why Greensprings can take the position as the best school in Nigeria.

  1.      Strong Parent-Teacher Relationship

Research has now proven that a positive parent-teacher relationship contributes to your child’s school success.

Usually, Parents and teachers expect certain things from each other. Parents  expect teachers to instruct their students and to guide their learning so they can have success.

Teachers expect parents to support the instruction and learning that happens in school, at home. They also each have expectations for the child/student they share in common.

However, we all know that if there is no proper structure in place to do this, there will be a strained relationship between the teacher and the parent and this can affect the overall outcome of the child’s success.

Here is what some parents have to say about this:

Acceptable educational standards and eagerness to carry parents along.

-Gbemi Adelowore


Happy to see full engagement between teachers and pupils.

-Jumoke Amusu-Samuel

I like the fact that I know what and how my child is fairing at every point in time in school.

-Adeola Temitope

  1.  Greensprings’ Rare Well-Rounded Education

While most schools focus on just the academics of the child alone, Greensprings strongly focuses on well-rounded education which arguably places her as the best school in Nigeria.

Choosing the right school marks a new beginning in the life of your child. Taking one’s time to explore educational options is an important decision for any family or parent.

There are five key components of a well-rounded education: –

  1. Academic excellence
  2. Intellectual, cognitive and presentation skills
  3. Music and performing arts
  4. Sports and recreation
  5. Social skills and community service

You can see some of the past activities and events supporting our well-rounded education program here.

Greensprings has been a co-educational school for more than 30 years. We understand how boys and girls learn and grow. We seek to aid the development of children in our care, to become outstanding scholars, athletes, artists and global citizens, by instilling in them the spirit of excellence.

  1.  Strong Emphasis on Special Education and Learning Support

Every child is intelligent and smart but does not learn the same way or at the same pace. It will be unfair to measure the success of rabbit swimming in the water against a fish.

It is this understanding that has made Greensprings build strong learning support so that no child is left behind in their learning process. This will give every child an opportunity to learn their own way truly and at their own pace.

Most parents have seen tremendous results in their child through Greensprings learning support system. This individualized learning gives every child a chance.

Israel has improved and shown great interest in learning. Thanks to the teachers’ efforts and learning support. Please keep it up!

-Mrs. Latifat Ibrahim

Finally, children with special educational needs can now get the quality education they deserve at Anthos House, an initiative of Greensprings School.

  1.  International exposure of students

One thing that makes Greensprings stand out is the international exposure she gives to her student.

Every year, Greensprings students have the opportunity to travel for various reasons including excursions, representing Nigeria at the UN, Duke of Edinburgh  programme, social impact and much more.

Greensprings believes that this exposure prepares a student  for the global stage since we now live in a global village.

  1.  Turn Talent into global skill

Talent is not enough. Talent needs the right environment to thrive. Academics and education should not kill the growth of a talented child.

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Greensprings encourages and creates a positive environment to turn talent into global skills. One of the major things Greensprings is known for is how she helps to turns talent into global skill.

If you’ve discovered a talent in your child beyond academics then, Greensprings might be your best choice.

  1.  Highly qualified teachers

Becoming a teacher at Greensprings School has become highly competitive. Though there are numerous applications daily, securing a teaching job requires that your qualification and experience is very high. It also involves a rigorous process of interview.

Being a teacher at Greensprings School means that you’re ready to keep learning.

Through the instrumentality of the Greensprings Training College, a renowned training college in Nigeria, teachers receive training to keep up with global best practices.

You are certain that if your child attends Greensprings, he or she is being catered for by high quality and well-trained teachers that has produced award-winning students.

This gives Greensprings another reason to be called the best school in Nigeria.

  1.  Successful Alumni Stories

One of the ways to judge if a school is worth its salt is to look at the success stories of its alumni. The stories could include academic track records, innovation as well as social impact.

An example is the work of Everest Ekong who co-created a volunteering network called food drop at bath in the United Kingdom to solve the problem of hunger.

  1.  Greensprings Kanu Football Camp

In 2013, Greensprings commenced a partnership with  Kanu Nwankwo  and Kanu Heart Foundation to host the annual Greensprings/Kanu Football Camp.

With the help of coaches from Netherland and the Liverpool football club, youngsters are  nurtured to become football stars.

Here are three things Greensprings Kanu Football Camp helps children to achieve:

  1.      Become A Football Star

A lifetime opportunity where young boys and girls can develop the foundation skills required to become great footballers.

  1.      International Opportunity

Your child can be spotted for recruitment into international football club or the national team.

  1.      Advance Faster

Connect with world-class footballers and coaches without necessarily travelling out. Give your child a head-start.

The camp has also produced two participants who have made it to the under-15 Nigerian national team, a very rare achievement that could place Greensprings as the best school in Nigeria.

With 207 participants, the 2017 edition was kick-started with the Queen’s baton for the commonwealth games passing through Greensprings school.

Afeez Jubril and Ogunleye Oluwatobiloba were also awarded full sports scholarship at Greensprings school.

  1.  Verod’s Investment in Greensprings School

Just a quick overview on Verod Capital:

Verod is one of the major equity financing firms in Nigeria that is active across various sectors, including but not limited to light manufacturing, consumer goods, business services, agriculture, education, healthcare, and financial services.

Verod seeks to partner with companies with proven business models and high market growth potential, led by motivated management teams, to build sustainable and responsible regional leaders in their respective industries.

Verod only invests in companies with a long track record. In 2017,  Verod acquired a minority stake in Greensprings, another reason why we consider Greensprings as the best school in Nigeria.

  1.  Strong Parent and Feeder School Recommendation

Over 53.5% of new parents choose Greensprings School through the recommendation of other parents. It is worth noting that this statistic is based on those that are documented.

Greensprings is also recommended by feeder schools, that is schools that do not have a higher-class category that Greensprings has.

This is based on the success reports gathered of such alumni  who proceed to Greensprings.

Of course, one way to know if a service is great is to check the recommendations of the users.

Here is what one parent has to say:

I am always proud of Greensprings. I tell anybody that cares to listen and trust me, the standard is still very high here.

-Feyintoluwa Ogungbenro

  1.  Career Development and Insight

Having a strong foundation for your career is very critical for success. It is one thing to discover your career path; it is another thing to get a good head start that can put you on the global map.

To this end, Greensprings has put together an experienced  counselling team as well as programs that help students to discover their career paths.

This helps students put what they are learning into perspective.

The yearly career fair has helped a lot of students to figure out how to get to the top in their chosen field.

Reputable companies across various sectors including banking, finance, investment, FMCG, consulting, education, etc. are usually present to inspire students and show them the pathway to become successful.

  1.  Open Door Policy

Greensprings has created an open-door policy where students and parents can easily approach top management executives of the school to make their complaints, request, and suggestions.

This has helped the school to take necessary actions based on the feedback.

This feedback has helped the school to improve her programs and produce remarkable results constantly.

Programs including the anti-bullying policy, girl up, man up and other came because of the lack of red tape, something you will hardly find in a school with a combined population of 2,500 students.

Greensprings School perfectly fits as the best school in Nigeria

There you have it. Those are some of the reasons we believe that Greensprings School fits the position of the best school in Nigeria. Every point was based on facts gathered over the years.