Frequently Asked Questions

Yes it can. However, only for existing parents, new parents are required to pay the registration fee, pay for uniforms and full first term fees first.

We run the National British Curriculum

We prepare our students for the IGCSE which is a nationally and internationally recognised secondary school qualification

We offer Yoruba and Nigerian Cultural Studies only in Elementary Schools.

This is a requirement for the National British Curriculum

Football, basketball, lawn tennis, table tennis, swimming, athletics, gymnastics, taekwondo, fencing, ballet

No, but we can tell you if the child passed or failed

This is because you are paying for a seat on the bus irrespective of the trip

Yes, we provide healthy, nutritious cooked meals for our children

After-school is compulsory for students in the last class of Pre-school i.e. Pink Class.

Boys- 7,Olowogbowo street, off Obokun str, off Coker road, Ilupeju, Lagos.
Girls – 22A, Oluseun Crescent, off Olujobi close, Gbagada, Lagos.

Your child has to be a certain age by the 30th of September to be eligible for admission. For example, age 4 for Blue Class in Pre-school, age 8 for Year 4 in Elementary School, age 11 for Year 7, age 13 for Year 9 in Secondary School etc. Then you may get the application form.

You can purchase the form from the Anthony, Ikoyi or Lekki Campus

We provide Crèche (3months – 17 months), Pre-school (18 months – 4 years), Elementary (5years – 10years), Secondary (11years – 15years) and Sixth Form (16+)

You can get the school uniform during the week, between 8am and 4pm, from the school store by presenting your receipt.

We currently have a 15% discount off tuition on the third sibling specifically the youngest child and subsequent child(ren) and different discounts on annual payments (10% discount before the end of July and 5% discount before the end of August). There is also a 5% discount on referral on admission.

Years 1 – 8: English and Mathematics.

Year 9: English, Mathematics and Biology

Year 10: Mathematics, English, French and any Science subject (Biology, Physics, and Chemistry).

No, we do not. The IGCSE syllabus starts in Year 10 and ends in Year 11 with the IGCSE exams.

Year 7 entrance exam is usually in December for the next session. However, due to Covid 19, our entrance exam for the next session is scheduled to be held on Saturday, 27th February, 2021. Other years are fixed based on appointment by the Admissions Team.

Yes we do, based on the availability of space and the route.

85% of our secondary students are boarders.

It covers tuition, lunch, educational materials, uniforms and a one-time registration fee.

We admit children from ages 10 years and above.