Library Anthony Campus

Greensprings School, Anthony campus, is quite passionate about education as it has provided students with three different libraries to serve each section of the school exclusively.


The Mama Bear’s Library has been specially designed for the pre-school students with age-appropriate books. It is beautifully and brightly decorated to aid learning.


Our elementary library is called the Jungle library, it’s decorated with beautiful scenery of the jungle with an array of exotic animals, plants and trees painted on its walls and a tree house built into the library to create an exciting environment for reading.


Information centre is for our secondary school students, teachers and parents. This is divided into the following sections:- fiction, non-fiction, reference, adult fiction and professional. This library was designed to stimulate higher learning.

The library encourages reading and supports literacy across the school by running book clubs, book week and reading week at different times during the session.

The book clubs give our students opportunities to get bestselling books; the book week is a week-long event that exposes our students not only to foreign authors but also to indigenous ones.

The reading week is a fun time where we call in parents to come read to the students in the library. Our parents and students love it!

The library runs an automated system and has taken up the responsibility of cataloging and assigning textbooks to students at the beginning of every session and also retrieves these textbooks from students at the end of the session.

As librarians this is what we believe:

“Whatever the cost of our libraries, the price is cheap compared to that of an ignorant nation.” – Broadcaster Walter Cronkite