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AI Parenting
AI Parenting: How to Talk to Your Kids about Generative AI

In recent years, generative AI, such as ChatGPT and Bard by Google, has experienced a notable surge in popularity. Many individuals are now incorporating this technology into their daily lives, and children aren’t an exception – with a growing number of them actively engaging with content-creating AI systems. Even though today’s kids can use generative […]

AI for kids
AI for Kids: 10 Websites Your Child Can Easily Learn AI and Machine Learning

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is becoming increasingly important due to the rise in its systems and applications. The world is radically being changed by this technology as there is hardly anything in use that AI is not influencing. Our kids today are growing up surrounded by applications of AI, from chatbots to virtual assistants, search engines, […]

Nutrition For Kids: 6 Essential Guidelines to a Healthy Diet

In today’s world where everything is fast-paced, many parents don’t put a lot of thought into providing appropriate nutrition for their kids. To save time and meet-up with the demands of work, they serve their children with junk food and other unhealthy foods. But according to a publication on News-Medical, fast foods can lead to […]

Children's Day Activities
10 Exciting Children’s Day Activities For A Memorable Day

As this year’s Children’s Day approaches, it’s another time to celebrate the joy, wonder, and boundless energy that our children bring into our lives. It is also the perfect occasion to engage in activities that will not only make their day extra special but also create lasting memories.  The task of coming up with exciting […]

Parental involvement in School
10 Benefits of Parental Involvement in Schools

Parental involvement in school is integral to the academic achievement and overall success of children, among other benefits. According to research, children whose parents participate actively in their schooling process have been discovered to excel better than children whose parents are passively involved. However, parental involvement in school is sometimes minimal due to barriers like […]

how to talk to your child about puberty
How To Talk To Your Child About Puberty

The puberty phase is a critical one in your child’s life due to the significant changes that your child experiences. Your child needs to understand the changes that occur in his/her body and the ways of dealing with these changes.  As a parent, you have the responsibility of explaining puberty to your child. It is […]

child and politics
Children and Politics: How to Teach Your Child About Government

In a country’s political season, every member of society is affected – including children. From the commercials on TV to social media campaigns to posters around the country, there is so much information for children to absorb. Nevertheless, children are often left out of the discussion on politics because they are not mature enough to […]

Vision Board for kids
A Parent’s Guide To Create Vision Board for Kids

Vision Board for kids is a collection of words, phrases and images that represents what a child hopes to achieve in a set time. It is important to know that every child has something that they want to bring to life and without it being clearly stated, it will be wearisome to direct their efforts […]

family gift ideas for Christmas
8 Unique Family Gift Ideas for Christmas

The magic of Christmas is found not just in shimmering lights and glittering decorations, but also in cherished traditions that bring families closer together. Among these traditions, is the gesture of giving. It is a way to communicate thoughtfulness and overall love for one another. It promotes a sense of connection and appreciation. The act […]

tiktok for kids
TikTok For Kids: 7 Major Safety Guides Parents Need To Know

TikTok for kids is one of the biggest social media apps among young people. According to a report, TikTok is the 6th most popular social media platform. It has over 3 billion downloads and Nigeria has the third-highest amount of app downloads. As a parent, it can be overwhelming to stay current with social media […]