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10 Fun Indoor Activities for Kids this Break 

As a parent living through the mandatory stay at home in order to prevent the spread of COVID-19, you will probably have a lot on your mind. Schools have been shut down indefinitely, social activities have been postponed and you’ve probably been asked to work from home. All these have left you locked in at […]

How to Talk to Your Kids about Coronavirus

The internet and other forms of mass communication have made everybody – including the kids – to be aware of the deadly coronavirus pandemic. Sadly, there is so much inaccurate information going around, such as the infamous claims that Africans are immune to the virus and that young people are not being affected. Therefore, as […]

how to stop video game addiction
How to Stop Video Game Addiction: 6 Ways to Help Your Child

As a parent, it’s probably very frustrating to walk in on your child hunched-over and glued to the TV all the time, gaming pad in hand, headphones plugged in, unaware of the environment for hours unending. Then imagine getting that child to concentrate on studying or doing assignments when he or she would rather be […]

Parent’s role in curbing bullying

One of the role of a parent involves raising a socially healthy child and influencing their children’s attitude and behavior positively. It is often said that, parents are the first teachers that their children come in contact with; children learn, emulate and replicate the behaviors present in their immediate environment. It is pertinent that as […]

Things You Should Never Say to Your Child
15 Things You Should Never Say to Your Child

When we are stressed or unhappy with the behaviour of our children, we tend to make some negative remarks out of emotions. Many parents mean no harm with the statements, but the repercussion is that the children become emotionally abused and are likely to develop low self-esteem if this is experienced frequently; subsequently, the children […]

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Top 13 Best Free Parental Control Apps for iPhone

Are your kids spending too much time on their mobile phones and the internet but you have no idea what they are doing, watching, reading or listening to? Would you like to make sure they don’t access inappropriate or unsafe content? If yes, then these top 13 best free parental control app for iPhone will […]

Work from Home Jobs for Moms
10 Profitable Work from Home Jobs for Moms & How to Get Started

Working from home has a lot of perks; you make money while in your pyjamas, you cut costs on transportation to and from the office, you get flexible working hours and also the freedom to go on vacation anytime you like. How cool is that?! Working from home also gives you the freedom to create […]

15 Free Coding Apps for Kids That Make Programming Fun

Kids spend a lot of time on digital devices that run on software built with code. Think about their video games, tablets, smart TVs and mobile phones. What if they could truly understand how those devices and software work, and start learning how to build their own? They’ll be unstoppable.  Take Elon Musk as an […]

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5 Awesome Family Valentine Ideas Your Kids Would Truly Love

Most times, when people talk about Saint Valentine’s Day, what comes to mind is love sharing between boyfriend and girlfriend, as well as between daddy and mummy; the kids are often forgotten. But as a school that is child-centred and family-oriented, we are a proponent of Valentine’s Day being a love-sharing celebration among all family […]

Is your child ready for today’s world
Is your child ready for today’s world?

Welcome to 2020, the beginning of a new decade. The world is fast evolving and a lot is changing. What we used to know is rapidly becoming obsolete—the truth is, the world in which our children are growing up in is very different. However, many parents are more like spectators, watching and barely keeping up […]