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How parents can keep their children safe after school hours

Child safety is one of the most important aspects of good parenting. Parenting experts have identified the need to keep children safe at every point in time as a major pain-point for parents; from worrying about the whereabouts of the child to the kind of activities he/she engages in. This article is available in audio. […]

8 Reasons Inclusive Education Is Important for Nigerian Schools

In 2016, about 7 million children were reported to be out of school because of their inability to access primary education due to disability state according to vanguard news. The design and management of primary and secondary schools in Nigeria are reportedly non-inclusive and inaccessible to children with disabilities. This article is available in audio. Use […]

back to school hacks
Back to School Hacks for Nigerian Parents – Our Top Picks

This article contains our top back-to-school hacks to help you and your children get ready for the new school year.  Hope you find them very helpful. The back-to-school period is usually received with mixed feelings by parents all around the world. Whether you can’t wait till your children are back in school or dread the […]

Chinese student
How to Help Your Child Succeed Like the Chinese

You may have heard that Chinese students are succeeding in academics than other students in the world right now. How can your child succeed in academics like the Chinese? There’s a new research that reveals their “secret.” Now, let’s jump right into this latest discovery and why you must not ignore it. This report titled “Chinese […]

How to Win Your Child’s Trust

Once your child enters secondary school, winning his or her trust could be as daunting as walking on hot coal. This happens because, at this stage, your child is becoming more independent and seeks advice from outsiders rather than you. The good news is that you don’t have to face an upcoming challenge with fear. […]

10 Things to Do When Preparing Your Child for Preschool

Have you ever wondered about how to prepare your child for preschool? If you do, this article will show you 10 things to do when preparing your child for preschool in Nigeria. Let’s jump right into it! #1. Prime for Potty Training First thing first, before selecting a preschool in Nigeria, ask about the potty training […]

11 Easy Ways to Help Your Child Study at Home

Homework and studying serve an important purpose. Parents should take an active role by supporting and encouraging their children. We have collated eleven easy ways to help your child study at home for better academic outcomes. #1. Think positively Having the correct mindset can have a significant effect on the study outcomes of children. Here […]

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How to Keep Your Children Safe on the Internet

There is a high increase in the use of the internet, especially with children. The number of children using tablets, phones, computers and other electronic devices is constantly rising, which is why parents need to stay ahead and be aware of safety issues. According to Child Wise (2016), a market research firm, “children aged 5 […]

Boy Watching Television
How to Prevent Your Kids from Watching Too Much TV

It seems that children can’t resist watching TV. Whenever there is some children movie or cartoon, they are hypnotized. There is nothing wrong with watching TV, but doing this for a long period of time on a daily basis can have negative effects on the health and development of our children. Now that children have access […]

talented child
Talent Discovery: How to Find the Sweet Spot of Your Child

Talent discovery – finding the sweet spot of children – has become a major and widely discussed topic online and beyond. The gospel of “what does my child do best?” has become increasingly important. Popular questions and topics around talent discovery include: What does my child do easily and naturally well? What can my child […]