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How to Build Self-Confidence in a Child
How to Build Self-Confidence in a Child

Mark Twain, an American writer and entrepreneur, once said that all we need to succeed in this life is ignorance and some level of confidence. Since Mr Mark is also a humorist, it can be said that this quote is ridiculously humorous, but there is some level of truthfulness in it.  You can argue that […]

how to get a child to eat when they refuse
7 Tips for Getting Children to Eat When They Refuse

As a parent, it can be quite frustrating when your child refuses to eat. You think about the time and effort you put up to prepare the food and also think about the implication of your child not eating food rich in nutrients. This situation gets you worried, and you just want to know how […]

Tough Questions Kids Ask
8 Tough Questions Kids Ask & The Best Way to Answer Them

73 questions – that’s the average number of questions kids ask in a day, according to a study. Luckily, parents have answers to the majority of the questions, but there are some of the questions that are very challenging to answer. In this post, we will list out 8 questions that are very difficult for […]

Household Chores for Kids
10 Household Chores for Kids and How to Make Them Fun

Most kids find chores boring and many of them like to think of them as some form of punishment for misbehaving. However, what many parents might forget to reiterate is that household chores serve as a way for kids to develop essential life skills such as cooking, while also learning how to be independent.  Another […]

This is How We Celebrated Valentine’s Day

On February 12th, our students visited Anthony Village Senior High School to share gift packs of essential items. They also spoke to the students about the essence of showing love to our parents and the environment. Our theme for this year’s Valentine’s Day was showing love to our parents and to our environment. In honour […]

8 Moral Values to Teach Your Kids Before They Become Teenagers

Children are born with a clean slate mind. At the early stage of children’s life, they are unable to discern between right and wrong. However, as they grow up, they start to fill their minds with information perceived from their environment, and this contributes majorly to the kind of adult they become.  Hence, the best […]

How to Improve Handwriting for Kids
How to Improve Handwriting for Kids

Poor handwriting doesn’t only negatively affect students’ academic performance; a study has shown that it has a link with low self-esteem. Hence, as a parent of a child whose handwriting needs improvement, this article on how to improve handwriting for kids would be valuable to you. Before You Get Worried It is important you understand […]

Benefits of Music Education
10 Benefits of Music Education to Your Child

During infancy, parents often use music to soothe and pet children when they cry. Music also does great wonder as a lullaby, because babies enjoy the melody when they are about to sleep.  It is also quite easy to engage and interact with kids through songs. Have you ever wondered why children easily learn songs […]

Parental Mistakes
10 Common Parental Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make In 2021

No one is above mistakes — even parents are not exempted. Many parents have raised grown-up children with one regret or the other before realizing the gravity of their actions. In this blog post, we’ve collated 10 common parental mistakes you shouldn’t make in 2021. It is easier to retrace a step in the wrong […]