Students who seek admission into Year 7 of our Secondary School or the Sixth Form will have the opportunity to acquire a scholarship place.
The population of Greensprings school scholarship students vary yearly; it is based mainly on the academic performance of the applicants.
The scholarship scheme applies to tuition fees only.
It is possible to achieve a full scholarship on tuition fees at Greensprings School, but performance must be exceptionally outstanding. The percentage deduction on tuition fees ranges from 15 to 75% based on the outcome of individuals’ academic assessments.
Providing the scholarship opportunity in our school is a way of giving back to society and acknowledging our gifted learners regardless of gender or background. The scholarship examination is not different from the main Year 7 entrance exam and the Sixth Form scholarship exam so the students who are eligible are selected from that group of applicants.
For the 2016/17 academic year, prospective students have already been offered a scholarship place, and these students are from various schools as well as Greensprings school.

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