Head of School, Lekki Campus


Dear Parents,

A hearty welcome to another session of excitement, wonderful learning opportunities and collaboration. We welcome back returning parents and are elated to receive all the new families that are joining the Greensprings Lekki community this year. While you are not part of the teaching staff you are just as important to your children’s education as we are. This session kicked off for staff with intensive in-service-training for all teachers. All teachers participated in rigorous refresher courses centered around driving thinking in lessons and making learning more engaging for your children. Our theme this year is RIGOUR and our resolve is to help all students explore learning in a deeper and more rewarding way.

Asking the right questions that will stimulate deep thinking is an important part of learning, and our students will continue to learn how to use questioning for enquiry and other thinking tools to drive their learning.

During the last school year, we went a notch higher in our thinking school journey by introducing the Habits of Mind to our students. Habits of mind are intelligent behaviours exhibited by an individual when faced with a difficulty, a new experience, challenge or learning. There are sixteen Habits of Mind that our students are exploring which are equipping them to better learners, explorers and collaborators.

As is our tradition, this session we continue to build up the capacity of our students. We recognise that learners cannot all be at the same place in their learning curves and for this reason we ensure that learning is differentiated to meet their individual learning needs.

Through our activity-based lessons, our students have the opportunity to learn in unique ways suited to their learning styles and abilities. The transition documents produced by teachers to track the progress of students, provide teachers with data which they can use to set objectives and map out strategies to extend the students and move them on.

Based on the transition documents, students who are crossing over from another campus, or those who are moving up from one-year level to another and especially those joining the Secondary school from the Elementary school are easily flagged up and recognised for their special talents – or concerns. This would significantly improve our identification of students that might need support in one way or the other. Children who are musically inclined, or are great athletes, or whose strength is acting, will continue to flourish and excel, and the Greensprings community would be richer for it.

Teaching a class of 25 students is teaching 25 people with different learning styles and different abilities. No two students are exactly alike; some would be high-fliers, some may be struggling, while others would be somewhere in between. This is where the differentiated learning programmes become useful tools in ensuring that all our students’ learning needs are met, and that they receive the maximum benefit from their learning experience.

There are lots of adventures ahead of us in our classrooms, and I urge you to take time from your busy schedules to become familiar with our school and assessments procedures as these will be further discussed during the Year Level Parents’ Forum, Elementary Parents’ Workshop, Montessori Workshop and Open Day. Do avail yourself of these wonderful opportunities to be a part of your child’s education.

I also ask that you familiarize yourself with our Virtual Learning Environment. On our VLE platform, you would be able to access your child’s timetable and attendance record, track academic progress reports, download the school calendar and your children’s results. Your login details would have been sent to you by your child’s form tutor.

We shall appreciate your assistance in creating a home-work friendly environment at home as we do in the boarding house that will allow your children to excel. Your children receive the best education when you and our dedicated teachers work as a team.

Together we can achieve wonderful things when your children are inspired by your support, enthusiasm and involvement. In closing, I thank you for your commitment to your children’s education and I look forward to seeing you in the very near future at one of our events.