12 Things You Should Say to Your Children More Often

The child-parent relationship is one that sets the foundation for identity and character formation in any given individual. To say the least, it is one of the most powerful bonds that can exist between two people. The right words and actions can go a long way to inspire self-confidence, positive behavioural patterns and acceptable social behaviour in children.

On the flip side, not having a positive voice can be harmful to your children. Our words are considered a powerful tool against solitude, fear, insecurity, doubt, and several other destructive thoughts, feelings, and beliefs.
Effective dialogue helps parents create lasting, meaningful relationships with their children. Therefore, as a parent, always say these 12 things to your children.

#1. I Love You

One of the biggest desires of any child or adult is to feel loved. Love and emotional connection are at the core of all desires. Love also has been associated with producing positive feelings and thoughts about one’s self which are all good things for a developing child.

As a parent, you have to express your feelings of unconditional love to your children by constantly letting them know you love them with words.


#2. I’m proud of you

In regards to building your children’s self-esteem, saying “I’m proud of you” is similar to building a skyscraper in seconds.

proud-of-youYou cannot begin to imagine just how much their minds are impacted by these words. Just take some opportunity to let them know that you are pleased with their efforts, their accomplishments, and the individuals that they are.

#3. You’ve got what it takes (you can do it!)

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Whatever they want to do, encourage your children to be the best at it and to put their best foot forward.
A constant reminder that success in a certain venture or activity depends largely on their input would lessen the sense of dependency they have on other factors that influence the outcomes of their events.

This would encourage them to continue at what it is they have set their minds to achieve irrespective of a number of challenges encountered in the process.

#4. You’re beautiful

Don’t you like to be complimented regularly? Don’t you often feel good when you hear words like ‘’You’re lovely’’? You obviously do, and the same as your kids. So make the compliment of your children a habit.

beautiful2#5. I’m here for you

Throughout the ups-and-downs and moments of life, your kids need somebody who’s on their side, even when everyone else walks off.

Be this person they can always find strength and support in and make the extra effort to constantly remind them.

#6. I believe in you

Letting your children know just how much you believe in them additionally assembles mountains of self-confidence.

i-believe-in-you-for-blogA parent’s belief in their children can correct an attitudinal disposition of timidity, lack of self-confidence, low self-esteem and promote uniqueness and individuality.

#7. I’m sorry, I was wrong

Your kids will need to understand that you are not perfect and you can admit when you have made a mistake. Should you know you were a bit out of line, inform your child and explain why.

This shows them what the sign of a true leader is and sets a wonderful example. It does not connote weakness in any form.

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#8. It’s okay to make mistakes

Kids will need to understand that real mistakes are okay and are not the world’s end.
Offer your help to make things right and let them know that making a mistake is merely a chance to learn a lesson.


They will need to know that life is full of mistakes. You try to do your best to correct them and then proceed.

#9. Nobody’s perfect

Girls especially need to understand how special they are, but that some people won’t appreciate it – and that is just fine.


They do not have to change or try to accommodate everyone.

If you are able to get your children to understand this, it is going to save them plenty of people-pleasing and heartbreak during their interactions with people as they mature.

#10. Let’s have fun!
The concept here is that you enjoy being with your kid, and you hold them in your mind even when they are not with you personally.

fun-for-blogYou’re prepared to slow down chores and the errands of daily life to spend time with them.

#11. I’m listening

Sometimes, the absence of words speaks volumes also.

So, if your children are fumbling to explain an issue, look them in the eyes and let them try to talk it out. Listening to them shows esteem and your interest.

It proves that you appreciate them and realize they obviously are having a hard time.

#12. Thank You!

Let your children know you appreciate their strengths, weaknesses and presence. Every child needs a parent that expresses appreciation.

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It’s a great feeling when you receive a compliment. But imagine how you would feel when somebody you care for compliments you on something? That is a wonderful feeling.


Children who feel valued by their parents could change the world. And to make your children feel valued, make it a habit to say the above words to your children.