Our Students Showcase Athletic Prowess At 2023 Sports Day

Our annual Sports Day was held across campuses this month and it was a mix of athletic displays, teamwork, sportsmanship and fun. The march past saw the students exhibiting various stunts in their different houses as they tried to outdo one another. 

There were many track events like races, pass the baton, egg and spoon race, sack race, catch the train etc., for students to compete in, while the field events like high jump, long jump, discus etc., were done before the Sports Day commenced. 

Also featured at our Sports Day were inter-school competitions, parent races and staff races. The Sports Day for our Anthony campus was held at the Unilag stadium, Dolphin estate for our Ikoyi campus and within the school’s premises for our Lekki campus. 

Altogether, the sports day was exciting for all attendees across campuses. At the end of the competition, the best athletes received medals and the winning houses were crowned. In Lekki campus, Enahoro House won; in Anthony campus, Moremi House won and in Ikoyi campus, Queen Amina House won. 

The medal table with the detailed list of medals won per house across campuses can be seen below:


Houses Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal Position
Enahoro 34 16 24 1st
Moremi 22 28 21 2nd
Queen Amina  20 16 14 3rd
Abubakar Tafewa  16 29 18 4th
Nnamdi Azikiwe  14 10 14 5th
Jaja  11 14 13 6th



Houses Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal Position
Moremi 23 14 20 1st
Queen Amina 17 20 13 2nd
Jaja 9 11 11 3rd
Nnamdi Azikiwe 8 12 8 4th
Tafewa Balewa 7 4 7 5th
Enahoro 5 8 10 6th
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Houses Gold Medal Silver Medal Bronze Medal Position
Queen Amina 8 6 2 1st
Jaja 5 7 5 2nd
Nnamdi Azikiwe 5 5 5 3rd
Enahoro 5 4 6 4th
Moremi 3 2 6 5th
Tafewa Balewa 2 4 4 6th

You can view glimpses of our sports day event:

Lekki Sports Day:

Anthony Sports Day:

Ikoyi Sports Day: