Top 11 Educational YouTube Channels for Kids

According to Family Zone, 65% of kids under the age of 8 years spend their free time watching videos on YouTube, and there really isn’t anything wrong with that. What is wrong is that a large percentage of the contents on many YouTube channels aren’t appropriate for kids. (obviously, YouTube doesn’t allow illicit contents, but contents on most YouTube channels aren’t valuable to kids).

Therefore, it is important to monitor the type of videos your child watches on YouTube. As a school that is child-centred, we believe that educational channels are most beneficial to your children. This post is about educational YouTube channels for kids.

In no particular order, below are 11 YouTube channels for kids that you should encourage your child to watch and subscribe to where necessary. You can either get an electronic tablet for your child or subscribe to the channel on your phone and give them access.

Educational YouTube Channels for Kids11 Educational YouTube Channels for Kids     

#1 Little Baby Bum

This YouTube channel was particularly created for preschool children. The videos you will find on this channel are educating and entertaining, you will find your child nodding to the rhythm of the songs in the videos. New videos are posted weekly on this channel.

#2 Baby Joy Joy

Ever heard of this YouTube channel for kids before?  If you have not heard of Baby Joy Joy, then you should check their channel now – like right now! The videos on this channel are simply interactive and engaging; your kid would love them.

Be careful not to get your child addicted to Baby Joy Joy, because of how exciting the musical interlude appears.  Baby Joy Joy is an adorable baby in a hooded jumpsuit that takes toddlers on a musical adventure.

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The channel actually has an addictive version of the ABC song.


TED-Ed makes it on our list of YouTube channels for kids because of how it engages kids with educational tasks. On the channel, kids are challenged with tasks such as riddles, science, physics, etc. They can even investigate nature, which makes the channel extremely exciting for kids.

#4 Cocomelon -Nursery Rhymes

Cocomelon -Nursery Rhymes is another wonderful educational YouTube channel for kids.  The channel was formerly known as ABCKidTv. If you have a toddler at home or a child in preschool, you should encourage him or her to watch the videos on the channel.

They are super educative and addictive – ha-ha, you will find yourself also singing to the lyrics of the songs with your kids. Cocomelon -Nursery Rhymes specialises in 3D-animation videos of both traditional nursery rhymes and original songs for kids.

#5 CoolSchool

This educational YouTube channel for kids is suitable for children in elementary school.  The channel has videos that help kids in reading, language, art class, and storytelling. Kids can find their favourite teachers in Ms Booksy, Crafty Carol, Jim Class and other characters. CoolSchool is quite an amazing channel for kids.

#6 Bounce Patrol Kids

Like Little Baby Bum, Bounce Patrol Kids is an educational YouTube Channel for kids in preschool. The channel is managed by a children entertainment group from Melbourne Australia, and the videos on the channel are usually made up of five cast members who put on a funny act just to amuse young children.

Besides amusing kids, the contents shared on the channels are educational.

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#7 Sesame Street

Sesame Street is the longest running children’s program on YouTube; it captures millions of viewers on its YouTube channel by offering the classic interesting contents kids love.  If you haven’t subscribed to this channel on YouTube, then you should do it immediately. You do not want to miss out on the weekly content that goes out.

Sesame Workshop is the nonprofit educational organisation behind Sesame Street, and their mission is to help children everywhere grow smarter, stronger and nicer. The organisation makes use of the power of media and muppets to meet young children’s development needs with critical early education at its forefront.

#Minute Physics

If your kid loves science-related topics, then he or she would love this educational YouTube channels for kids. The channel is suited for children in secondary school because it provides education on the theories and practice of physics. Minute Physics was created by Henry Reich and has over 4 million subscribers.  

Minute Physics videos are produced as whiteboard animations with one minute summary of relevant topics in physics. This channel is very effective in helping children learn physics.

#9 Mother Goose Club

Joining Little Baby Bum and Bounce Patrol Kids on the list of educational YouTube channels for kids in preschool is Mother Goose Club. The videos and shows on the channel are made up of a series of educational live-action and animated videos, with a cast of six recurring characters who introduce classic nursery rhymes to children through catchy tunes, play and interactive lessons.   

By allowing your child to watch this YouTube channel, you will be helping him or her to learn important developmental skills.

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This educational YouTube Channel for kids is similar to Minute Physics – as the contents on the channel are science-related. However, the contents are suited for preschool children. The channel features educational videos that revolve around nursery rhymes, children’s entertainment, pre-k content, basic numbers and language learning, recipes for kids, art and craft.

#11 NumberPhile

NumberPhile is the last – but not the least – educational YouTube channel for kids in this post; the channel is excellent at teaching children maths.  If your child struggles with numbers, then you should subscribe to this channel; he or she would learn a lot just by watching the videos on the YouTube channel. NumberPhile has over 2 million subscribers on YouTube.

Now that we have listed the top 11 educational YouTube channels for kids that you should introduce to your children at home, the next thing is to pay attention to what he or she is learning from the different channels. It is essential to know if your child is picking up valuable learning skills by watching these videos.

For that reason, don’t only subscribe your child to the channels but also ensure he or she views them and learns something daily. Through consistent watching of the channels, your child will surely learn a few things that will help improve his or her academic performance in school.