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Good habits for kids
12 Good Habits Parents Need to Teach their Kids

It is not an overstatement that many parents focus only on the academics of their children. They forget the bigger picture which is raising children that are both morally and academically sound, together with being self-reliant. Not teaching your kids good habits can negatively affect their behaviour and attitude when they grow up, even though […]

Top 10 Fun Places To Take Kids on Vacation
Top 10 Fun Places to Take Kids on Vacation in Nigeria

For kids, holidays shouldn’t be all about playing videos games, watching television and sleeping all day. Holidays should be an avenue for them to bond together with the other family members. In Nigeria, there are several fun places to take kids on vacation that would facilitate a great family bonding. If you are struggling to […]

Best Free Math Apps
Top 10 Best Free Math Apps & Games You Should Install on Your Child’s Phone

As a subject, Math is a major challenge for a lot of students; a research conducted by Gallup in 2015  confirmed this. In the research, students were asked to name the school subject that they considered to be the most difficult, and it was not surprising that mathematics was top on the list. However, due […]

Private Schools in Lagos
Private Schools in Lagos: Expectations versus Reality

Private schools in Lagos you may ask? As a parent, what are your expectations when you consider the different school options your children are faced with? This is a question that is hardly ever discussed in the educational sphere. The aim of this article is to point out discrepancies that exist between parents, the school and […]

Top 10 Free Educational Website For Students.
Top 10 Free Educational Websites for Students

Are you searching for a place to learn online for free? Then you are in the right place. This blog post will show you top 10 free educational websites for students. Some of these free educational websites might require you to pay if you want to get the certificate. However, if you just want to […]

How To Help A Child Struggling With Reading: 10 Ways To Do It

Does your child need to improve on his/her reading? Here is how to help a child struggling with reading.

This blog post will show you ten proven methods you can apply to help your child.

Before we begin, we need to clarify your child’s reading level, disposition and attitude towards reading. This will inform us on how to help your child with their reading.

Does your child tussle in putting words together or just understanding a comprehension passage from a book? If your response to any of the two questions is ‘yes’, then this article is for you.

Creche in Lagos: 7 Tips to Help You Choose

It can be a difficult process choosing the right creche for your child as a parent. However, there are lots of factors that should be considered before settling for a particular creche in Lagos. Some parents are more concerned about the location of the creche, while others are more interested in the facilities, open hours, ownership and how the creche is run

Sexual Abuse in Children: Top Signs To Look Out For

Child sexual abuse is a great offence punishable by the Nigerian law, but this appears not to be a deterrent due of its prevalence. Every 10 minutes, at least one report is made about a child being sexually abused in Nigeria. In 2015,  UNICEF reported that one in ten boys and one in four girls have experienced sexual abuse in Nigeria before the age of 18.

Guidance Counselors in Nigeria: Why We Need Them At Elementary Level.

It is worrying that some schools in Nigeria only focus on having counselors at secondary school level. This is a concern that needs to be tackled; guidance counselors in Nigeria need to be available also at elementary level. Elementary school counselors in Nigeria need to have the skills and education to observe and recognize the needs of students from different upbringings.