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Sexual Abuse in Children: Top Signs To Look Out For

Child sexual abuse is a great offence punishable by the Nigerian law, but this appears not to be a deterrent due of its prevalence. Every 10 minutes, at least one report is made about a child being sexually abused in Nigeria. In 2015,  UNICEF reported that one in ten boys and one in four girls have experienced sexual abuse in Nigeria before the age of 18.

Guidance Counselors in Nigeria: Why We Need Them At Elementary Level.

It is worrying that some schools in Nigeria only focus on having counselors at secondary school level. This is a concern that needs to be tackled; guidance counselors in Nigeria need to be available also at elementary level. Elementary school counselors in Nigeria need to have the skills and education to observe and recognize the needs of students from different upbringings.

18 ways extracurricular activities can benefit your child
18 ways extracurricular activities can benefit your child

A few students worry that taking an interest in extracurricular activities may remove excessively significant time from their schoolwork, hence harming their grades; in any case, extracurricular activities can improve your grades and your attitude toward school as a rule!

Mathematics in Nigeria
Mathematics in Nigeria: 10 Facts You Should Know

Mathematics in Nigeria has grown tremendously and there are a lot of achievements that we are proud of as Nigerians. There’s no archived history of the initiation of mathematics in Nigeria either by the colonialists or African convention.

Child discipline in Nigeria
Child Discipline in Nigeria: Finding the Balance

Child discipline in Nigeria has changed completely from what it used to be in the past, most especially as more women are taking up time-consuming careers and going into businesses. This makes parenting in the 21st century much more challenging. Parents leave their children in the care of housemaids and daycare providers.

Best British School in Nigeria Why Parents choose Greensprings
Best British School in Nigeria: Why Parents Choose Greensprings

Have you ever tried finding out the best British school in Nigeria?
If you are looking for the best British school in Nigeria, you are on the right page.
There are tons of reasons why British schools have become more prominent in Nigeria and why parents prefer them.

Best British Curriculum School in nigeria
Best British Curriculum School in Nigeria – Greensprings School

This article highlights the major reasons why Greensprings School stands out as the best British Curriculum School in Nigeria.

It also explains in detail the British curriculum, its various components, numerous benefits and how it compares to other international curricula…..