Students Showcase Remarkable Abilities At Our Talent Hunt Show

Our Ikoyi Campus held a remarkable talent hunt show on Wednesday, 12th July 2023. The event showcased an astounding display of skill and creativity.

It provided a platform for students to shine and express themselves through musical performances (such as singing, drumming, piano playing etc) and various dance routines.

However, the show was not limited to performing arts alone. The event also highlighted students’ talents in visual arts showcasing a stunning collection of paintings demonstrating their unique perspectives and creativity.

The insightful feedback and encouragement given by the Judges at the talent show uplifted the students, inspiring them to pursue their passions further.

Meanwhile, the School Principal (Ikoyi Campus), Mrs Olusola Babalola also expressed immense pride and appreciation for the students’ exceptional talents.

To see highlights of our Talent Hunt Show, watch the videos below:

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