Gifted Spark: Lekki Campus Celebrates a Spectacular Fashion, Art & Music Week

From the 24th to the 26th of May, our Lekki campus hosted a remarkable Fashion, Art & Music Week, dedicated to showcasing the immense talents of our preschool, elementary, secondary, and IB Diploma students. Themed “Gifted Spark,” the event served as a platform for our young creatives to express themselves while providing a unique opportunity to inspire and be inspired.

The highlight of the event was the esteemed presence of Dr Adeola Balogun, a renowned contemporary Nigerian artist, who graced the occasion as the guest speaker. Dr Balogun’s captivating address left an indelible impact on the students, igniting a spark of creativity within each of them. His valuable insights and experiences in the art world resonated deeply, fostering a sense of limitless possibilities in the mind of our students.

During her address, Mrs Feyi Ojugo, the Head of Greensprings School, Lekki campus delivered an inspiring message to the students. Mrs Ojugo celebrated the students’ unwavering creativity and their ability to produce unique masterpieces. She acknowledged their dedication and perseverance, recognizing the hours and sweat they poured into ensuring the success of the event.

Furthermore, Mrs Ojugo encouraged all the students whose works and talents were on display to continue exploring their creative genius. She emphasized that embracing their creative prowess would enable them to share their unique perspectives with the world, fostering a positive impact on society through their art, fashion, and music.

In her closing remarks, Mrs Ojugo extended her heartfelt gratitude to the teachers who worked tirelessly to make the Fashion, Art & Music Week a reality. Their unwavering commitment and guidance played an integral role in shaping the event into a resounding success, providing the students with an enriching experience they will cherish for a lifetime.

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Below is a slideshow of images from the event.

The 2023 Fashion, Art & Music Week served as a testament to Greensprings School’s commitment to nurturing and developing the creative talents of its students. By providing a platform for self-expression and inspiration, the school continues to empower the next generation of artists, fashion designers, and musicians to embrace their unique abilities and contribute meaningfully to the world.