Class of 2023: Anthony Bids Boarding Students Goodbye with a Heartwarming Bonfire Night & Thanksgiving Service

To mark the culmination of the Year 11 boarding students’ journey at our Anthony campus, we put together a send-forth event by organizing a bonfire night and a thanksgiving service the following day. The goal of this event was to celebrate the students’ achievements, fortify their bonds, and instill in them a deep sense of gratitude.

The bonfire night commenced with excitement and anticipation as students gathered around a beautifully adorned bonfire. The flickering flames danced in rhythm with the students’ laughter and joyous chatter, symbolizing the unity and spirit that define the Greensprings community.

The thanksgiving service has parents in attendance, and this served as a platform for reflecting on the growth of the graduating students, both academically and socially. It also served as an avenue to acknowledge the support the students received from their families, friends, and dedicated educators.

Brimming with confidence and enthusiasm all through the series of events, the students shared their personal experiences and expressed their appreciation for the holistic education provided at Greensprings School. They recounted stories of enduring friendships, meaningful mentorship, and the transformative impact of the school’s nurturing environment.

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