Seton Hall University, New Jersey announces an extraordinary scholarship award to IB student, Stephanie Hyacinth.

Name: Stephanie Hyacinth
University: Seton Hall, New Jersey
Scholarship: $94,000

The International Baccalaureate Diploma Programme has prepared me for college and even life after college. First, the programme has helped me get into colleges of my choice. Although I had minimum level preparation for my SATs, I was able to achieve a 1900. Thanks to all the knowledge I had acquired during the IB Diploma programme. Through this programme I have gained more confidence.  I have learnt time management skills and I can now cope with a large workload. I can honestly say the IBDP has refined my skills as a writer through the extended essay and internal assessment. The programme has not only helped me academically but it has revolutionized my social portfolio. I have ventured into things I would have never thought of doing like participating in sporting activities and hosting grand events like the National Day. I have also made great friends, with students and teachers alike, who have helped me through this tasking, yet wonderful experience. I think I am going to have one of the smoothest and easiest transitions into university life.

The IB programme is the perfect educational pathway for me and if I can survive the IB programme, I can survive anything! I highly recommend the IB programme for students who wish to challenge themselves and become international students with a huge difference on the global stage.

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