Career Webinar on Medicine

Medical doctors are one of the most respected professionals in the world. Many of our students also love to study medicine. As a result of these, we held a career webinar on medicine. The speaker at the webinar was Dr Olawunmi Gbadamosi who is a General Practitioner at Harvey Road Health Centre and Maternity. Watch […]

Conrad Challenge scholarship for the second consecutive time

After working on various innovative STEM projects, twenty students from our Lekki campus have been presented with $60,000 each for emerging finalists in the 2020 Conrad Challenge. This challenge is an initiative of the Conrad Foundation, USA, and this is the second consecutive year that our students made it to the final and received the […]

12 Tips for Raising a Genius Child

Every parent desires a child with special abilities, but these abilities are better developed from a young age. According to experts in children’s early years’ education and brain development, the critical period for rapid brain development is between birth to six years of age. The impact made during this phase stays with children throughout their […]

Mental Health Day 2020: Head of Counselling urges parents to engage their children more to enable them spot red signals

World Mental Health Day 2020 was celebrated on Saturday, October 10, and to mark the day, our Head of Counselling Services, Ms Chinelo Nkennor, appealed to parents to watch out for red signals by engaging and listening more to their children. She disclosed that mental health has already become a serious issue in our society […]

How to Deal with Your Hyperactive Child
How to Deal with Your Hyperactive Child without Losing Your Mind

Activeness is a normal trait in children that calls for no concern. The moment it is time for a break, you will see that their potential energy turns to mechanical energy, and it may be difficult to get them settled when the break is over. You will see them still kicking the ball or hitting […]

28 Unique and Amazing Kids Birthday Party Themes Your Child Will Love

Children love parties; that’s a fact. So imagine how your child will feel when you throw the best birthday party ever. Achieving that won’t be easy though; throwing parties for kids require a lot of energy, time and imagination. This article will make your work a little bit easier by giving you a list of […]

We are back on-site with strict adherence to COVID-19 preventive protocol

On Monday, September 28, 2020, we finally reopened on-site after six months of schools lockdown due to COVID-19. The plan is to reopen on-site in phases, so only our Year 1, Year 2, Year 11, and IB Diploma students were on campus on the day; the other year groups resumed on the day online. As mandated […]

Former Head Boy Wins £30,000 in Scholarship from UK College

Ayomide Adejuwon, the Head Boy of class 2020 of Anthony Campus, has been accepted into Ashbourne College in the UK on a scholarship that is worth £30,000 (about ₦14.9 million). He was admitted to the sixth form college on scholarship after submitting a well-written personal statement and passing exceptionally in the entrance exam. He also […]

Lazy Child Syndrome
Lazy Child Syndrome: How to Deal with a Lazy Child

Is your child showing little or no interest to work, be it social, educational, or house chores? Does your child lack the common sense of curiosity about the world around him or her? Do you often get irrational answers like I don’t care when you try to clarify a matter?  Does your child take pleasure […]

how to raise an intelligent child
How to Raise an Intelligent Child

It is often believed that “what will be will be” no matter the effort you make. On the contrary, research findings have made us know that effort has a great effect on the result or output.  You may feel that raising an intelligent child is based on genetics alone however,  you’ll be surprised by some […]