4 Parenting Styles: Which one is the best for your child?

Have you noticed that the vast majority of people inherit their ideas, interests, and abilities from their parents? Of course, there are situations when children don’t like the personalities of their parents, and they are trying to be completely different.

But, on this quest to be different, they are always taking their parents as role models. To put it in simple words, parents play a crucial role in the development of every child.

So, we can all agree that your parenting style is extremely important. According to many experts, there are four parenting styles.

The 4 parenting styles defined

It is worth mentioning that three of these styles were determined by Diana Baumrind, a respected scientist.

  1. Authoritarian style

As the name suggests, this is a parenting style practised by parents who want their children to follow all their requests, directions, and rules.
In theory, this might sound like a good idea because children are still developing and they don’t know what’s best for them.

However, there is nothing like an ideal parent. Parents can be led by their moods and emotions, and that’s why they frequently change directions and rules, making children confused.

The authoritarian parenting style often leads to fear and lack of self-confidence in children.

2. Uninvolved style

​The reason why this type of parenting is called uninvolved is the lack of emotional involvement in the life of the child. This doesn’t mean that the child is neglected.

On the contrary, in cases like this, children have proper shelter, food and everything they need but the emotional connection.
This is one of the four parenting styles where parents usually don’t ask their kids about their love life, about their relationships with their friends etc.

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This situation leads to the inability of these children to establish relationships with other people.

3. Permissive parenting

The third of the four parenting styles is permissive parenting. This parenting style provides all the love and emotional connection that the child needs.

It also provides shelter and food for the child, but it doesn’t set any rules and expectations.

The parents simply want a child who loves them.

However, by practising this parenting style, children will stay immature for a longer time, have issues with controlling their emotions and exhibit a lack of focus too.

4. Authoritative style

​According to many experts, this is the best parenting style. The parent who practices this style has high expectations for his child and discusses this expectation with him or her.

These parents have directions and rules that are constant, fair and clear.

Thanks to his parents, the child will learn more about cause and effects, independence and critical thinking.

How to identify your parenting style?

There is no doubt that each of these four parenting styles has some advantages and disadvantages. The authoritative style is superior compared to the rest.

Of course, this doesn’t mean that you should stick to this style only. It all depends on the expectations that you have of your child and your current situation.

Our advice is to follow the basics of authoritative style and mix it with the best of the other three parenting styles.