OBN Academy Hosts Free Open Basketball Camp At Our Lekki Campus

In a bid to promote sportsmanship and community engagement, the OBN Academy recently organised a four-day free open basketball camp for students at our Lekki Campus.

The camp, which took place from Monday, January 15, to Thursday, January 18, 2024, aimed at providing students with a foundational understanding of basketball, fostering self-improvement, and emphasising the importance of teamwork.

The OBN Basketball Academy, known for its commitment to developing young talents in basketball, welcomed a total of sixty-five enthusiastic students each day to the camp. The participants were allowed to hone their basketball skills under the guidance of experienced coaches from the academy.

OBN Basketball

Throughout the four-day camp, students engaged in various drills, exercises, and friendly matches to enhance their abilities. The academy’s coaching staff focused on instilling essential values such as discipline, dedication, and resilience, creating a holistic learning experience for the participants.

OBN Basketball

In recognition of outstanding performances, a few deserving students were honoured with awards. These awards were presented to individuals who demonstrated exceptional skills, dedication, and sportsmanship during the training sessions.

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