Greensprings IB Diploma Students Secure $8.5 Million in Scholarships from Top Universities Globally

The class of 2024 of our IB Diploma Programme has once again showcased the programme’s excellence by securing over $8.5 million worth of scholarships to study in top-ranked universities across the globe. Among these achievers is Emmanuela Ilok, who has gained full scholarships to study Computer Science at multiple Ivy League institutions including Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT), Yale University, Columbia University, and Stanford University.

In an interview with Ilok on her achievement, she expressed her excitement saying, “It all seems unreal. I am very excited and grateful to God, my parents, and my school.” She revealed that she joined Greensprings School 15 years ago and the school has been very instrumental to her success by providing her with the support, motivation and resources needed for excellence.
Ilok also disclosed that the IB Diploma Programme has helped to shape her for success due to the programme’s robust curriculum and rigour. Ultimately, she expressed joy seeing that her hard work and dedication paid off.

Expressing her pleasure with the students’ achievements, Mrs. Feyisara Ojugo, our Deputy Director of Education said, “I am extremely proud of the performance of our IB Diploma students. They have done amazingly well. Their acceptance into top universities globally on scholarship is a testimony to their hard work and the support that our school provides to ensure that their dreams come true.”

“I particularly commend Emmanuela Ilok who was awarded full scholarships into Ivy League universities like MIT and Yale, among others, with a 1% acceptance rate. Emmanuela has journeyed with us from pre-school, all through elementary, secondary and now the IB Diploma Programme. She has been a high achiever and as a school, we have ensured that we provide the adequate support and environment she needs to attain her full potential. Seeing her succeed this way makes us proud of her.”

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Mrs Ojugo further revealed that over the years, the school has had similar reports of strides by its IB Diploma students, with different sets receiving scholarships worth millions of dollars to study their choice courses in their preferred institutions. “These students have been able to record such a high level of success because of the robustness of the IB Diploma programme”, she said. In her words, going through the IB Diploma curriculum makes the students a preferred choice for the world’s top universities and also prepares them for university life.

The Greensprings IB Diploma programme is a two-year sixth-form programme designed to prepare secondary school students for life in tertiary institutions. The students admitted into the programme are expected to have a minimum of 5 credits in their O’ Levels (GCSEs, IGCSEs or WASSCE) including English and Mathematics.