2023 World Teachers’ Day Celebration Across Our Campuses

On the 5th of October, 2023, the world once again came together to celebrate World Teachers’ Day. This year’s theme, “The Teachers We Need for the Education We Want: The Global Imperative to Reverse the Teacher Shortage,” underscored the vital role that educators play in shaping the future. In the congratulatory message by our HR department, our teachers were praised for being inspiring, patient and devoted to work.

To make the day memorable, the department arranged a small, delightful gathering for the teachers. The atmosphere was filled with warmth and appreciation, as the gathering was full of entertainment, refreshments, and photoshoot sessions.

As part of the commemoration, some of the teachers created videos centred around the invaluable contributions of teachers to our society. These videos highlighted the pivotal role that teachers play in reshaping the educational landscape and inspiring the next generation.

Watch videos

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