Grooming the Leaders of Tomorrow: Our Year 10 Students Undergo Intensive Leadership Training

As part of our aim to improve our students’ leadership skills and prepare them for future managerial positions, we had the annual leadership training for the Year 10 students in both Anthony and Lekki campus. The training was facilitated by our teachers in collaboration with Project Summit, the team development and teambuilding service provider based in South Africa.

During the two-day intensive programme, the students learn the attributes of good leaders, as well as the qualities of good team members. The students were divided into small groups, and each group engaged in theory and practical sessions. There were also discussions by the students on what leadership and working as a team mean to them.

The most engaging aspect of the programme is the outdoor activities, which were fun but challenging. While the students enjoyed the activities, they also learn trust, conflict management, persistence, team spirit, the act of giving concise instructions, and more.

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