Open House resumes after a three-year break

This April, our Open House event returned after a three-year break due to COVID-19 and the lockdown. The event is part of the commitment of our founder, Mrs Lai Koiki, to ensuring every Nigerian child gets access to some level of quality education through sharing knowledge and expertise with educators from other schools.

About 1,000 educators from public and private schools across the country attended the event, which was held at our Anthony campus on the 1st of April, 2023. The theme of the event was “Education and Entrepreneurship Fair,” and aside from accessing our facilities to learn about our cutting-edge teaching methodologies, the attendees were involved in informative and educative workshops.

The titles of some of these workshops include Developing Social Skills in Preschoolers, Innovative Approach to Develop Children’s Writing Skills, Developing Entrepreneurship Skills in Students, and Safeguarding Issues in Boarding.

Watch the slideshow below to see the highlight of the event.

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