Greensprings Celebrates 38 Years of Impact

On the 21st of January, 2023, we celebrated our Founder’s Day, and to mark the day, we had an exclusive interview with our astute Founder, Mrs Lai Koiki. In the interview, she reminisced on the school’s humble beginning with just 3 students in 1985 to enrolling about 40,000 students to date.

Since the school is just 2 years away from being four decades old, we asked her to describe each decade of Greensprings’ existence with one word. Her selected words were, “Dream,” “Perseverance,” “Thanksgiving” and “Impact.”

According to her, “Dream” represents the first decade, and this was because the school was birthed from a place of reflection. “Perseverance” was chosen for the second decade, and it depicts the story of Greensprings as being one of endurance through all the hurdles. “Thanksgiving” was the word for the third decade, and this was to acknowledge God’s faithfulness despite challenges. “Impact” was the selected word for the fourth decade, and this describes the many successes that our students have recorded over the years.

She added that the impact of Greensprings is helping to shape the future of Nigeria and the world, and in her words, “Greensprings is not stopping until every child in Africa is impacted by what we do.”

Watch the full interview below:

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