Career Webinar on Engineering for Our Students

Our monthly career webinar continued in March, and this time, it was an opportunity for our students to learn about how to become an engineer. The session was facilitated by Mr. Dipo Odeyemi, the Founder/CEO of Cavidel Limited, who delivered an insightful presentation and gave satisfactory answers to the students’ questions on building a career in engineering.

The presentation started with an in-depth definition of engineering and the main goal of engineers, which is to use the knowledge of scientific and mathematical principles to solve technical problems. Evolution in the field of engineering — and the fact that the field is now beyond mechanical, electrical, civil, and chemical engineering were also discussed.

Mr. Odeyemi then talked about the popular engineering fields as well as the fantastic-but-less popular ones, such as software engineering, molecular engineering, oceanic engineering, among others. The top skills the students must acquire to become successful engineers were afterwards discussed, and the students were given tips for choosing the best engineering field for them.

The career webinar presentation on how to become an engineer ended with subjects the students must master in secondary school and the courses they should expect to study at the university.

Watch the video of the presentation and the Q&A segment below.

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