Best School in Lagos that teaches Physical Education

Do you know the best school in Lagos that teaches physical education? It will come as a surprise to you that Greensprings School is the top of the list of schools in Nigeria that teaches physical education.

The reason why Greensprings School happens to be the best school in Lagos that teaches physical learning is because of the holistic teaching it renders to students. The school focuses on well-rounded education, which is evident in the performance of the pupils that attend the school.The next question you will want to ask is what is physical education?  What is its importance to education in Nigeria?

Physical education is the teaching and leading of physical activity.  It educates students on the physical competent and knowledge of movements and safety. It also allows students to perform a wide range of activities which helps to develop an active and healthy lifestyle.

Greensprings School educates its students on health and sport. Once every year the school hosts a football camp which presents a lifetime opportunity for young boys and girls to develop the foundational skills required to become footballers.

Now you might think this isn’t enough reason for the Institute to be the best School in Lagos that teaches physical education; wait! there is more;

Greensprings Kanu Football Camp 

The school in partnership with Kanu heart foundation set up the annual football camp which enables children between the ages of 5 and 17 years learn football skills from Nigerian and International coaches alike.
Greensprings School also offers a scholarship to the best student at the Camp to study at the reputable institution. Let’s be frank how many best schools in Lagos offer such programs.

Best school in Lagos

Big on Sports 

Greensprings School is big on sports. The school recognizes that sports are a crucial part of a student’s growth and development. They help in the development of mental health and physical fitness of the body. 

Through participation in sports and games, a student gains various skills, experience and confidence that are helpful for developing their personality.  The school ensures that students get involved in various sports like volleyball, basketball, swimming, karate etc. Wholesome education is not about mathematics and English alone.

Healthy Eating 

Greensprings School is big on Children eating clean. The school recently stopped the intake of carbonated drinks and lollipops in the institution. The reason for this is because research has shown that the sugar content in these foods increase student hyperactivity and decreases their attention span.  

Health Education plays an important role in the lives of students and the school understands this.

Seminars for Boys/ Girls

It is essential for a school considered as the best school in Lagos to discuss topics and issues that empower both male and female students. With the advancement in technology and the increase in the use of the internet and social media our children are constantly exposed to a lot of content.

Likewise, the school also runs a program for the male students called “Man Up”.  Discussions such as drug use, entrepreneurship, respect for the opposite sex and sexual conduct are conversed.

Why Physical Education is Important in Nigeria

Physical education is very essential to the lives of students and a lot of schools in Nigeria are beginning to realize this. Health education teaches the student to improve the quality of their life. 

Focusing just on school work can be so rigid and this can also affect academic performance.

Increase Attention Span

Studies have shown that performing physical activities helps in enlarging the basal ganglia of the brain. This is the part of the brain which is responsible to maintain an individual’s capability to concentrate.

By teachers encouraging students to take part in physical activities, it will help in maintaining the student’s body and mind which in turn helps them focus in their school work.

Healthy Growth and Development

In some schools students eat unhealthy food such as fries, soft drinks, burger and junk etc. The consumption of such foods can lead to obesity and it can also affect the child’s willingness to learn in the classroom.

Best school in Lagos

Greensprings, one of the top schools in Lagos have been able to spot this trend in students and hence the reason why they stopped the consumption of unhealthy food.  

Physical education at schools in Nigeria helps in preventing obesity and high blood pressure. Exercise and activities in the classroom will come in very handy.

Flexibility and Happiness

Balancing exercise and stretching, helps develop physical balance which decreases the chances of injuries. Those students who make health education as essential as their classroom work become more flexible in their routine life. Such activities make the body elastic and flexible.

Greensprings School, which is considered the best school in Lagos has made physical education an essential component of the school curriculum. Students are expected to maintain a healthy balance between their education and exercise.

Over the years, the school recognizes that students who involve themselves in physical activities have shown to be happier and healthier than those spend all day in the classroom.

Activities help improve the blood circulation in a student’s body. It assists in providing oxygen to the heart and brain and this allows the body to retain a balance between physical and mental health.

Physical education is very important for the continuous growth and development of healthy children. Greensprings, one of the best schools in Lagos has shown that their students are not only academically bright but also sound in physical activities.