Harmonious Horizon: Anthony Campus Hosts a Spectacular Music Festival

Our Anthony campus came alive with the sound of music on Friday, May 24th, 2024, as it hosted this year’s highly anticipated music festival, themed “Harmonious Horizon.” The event showcased the incredible talent of our students, who performed a variety of musical pieces, demonstrating their skills and passion nurtured under the guidance of our dedicated music teachers.

The festival featured a dynamic array of performances, including electrifying guitar solos, powerful vocal performances, and impressive ensemble pieces. The diverse selection of musical genres ensured that there was something to delight every listener, reflecting our school’s dedication to promoting artistic expression and personal growth through music.

One of the highlights of the festival was the presence of the esteemed guest of honour, Dr. Sheyi Kenny, Director of Music at Daystar Christian Centre. Dr. Kenny inspired the audience with his words, encouraging students to pursue their musical passions and urging parents to support their children’s artistic interests. His message underscored the importance of fostering young talent and the positive impact of music education.

The success of this year’s “Harmonious Horizon” music festival at our Anthony campus is a testament to the hard work and enthusiasm of our students, as well as the unwavering support from their families and teachers. We are excited for future events where our students can continue to share their musical talents with the community and further develop their artistic skills.


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