Workers’ Day 2021: Mrs Koiki Appreciates and Delights Staff

The 2021 edition of Workers’ Day was marked on Saturday, May 1st, and as usual, our CEO, Mrs Lai Koiki, used the opportunity to appreciate all members of staff of Greensprings School and Anthos House, our special needs school. In her message sent to staff on the day, she thanked everyone for their sacrifices and hard work over the years.

She also reaffirmed that all our members of staff are highly valued and that their dedication to work as a team has continued to contribute to the success of the school. To commemorate the day when the school resumed for the third term on Tuesday, May 4th, all members of staff were treated to a refreshment.

Mrs Koiki
Mrs Lai Koiki, Founder and CEO of Greensprings School

Read her message to our members of staff below.

Dear All,

Today is the Special Day that workers are celebrated all over the world and I believe that Greensprings Staff deserve the greatest celebration of all. As l look back over the past year, I am appreciative of all your sacrifices and hard work. Thank you one and all.

Always know that each one of you is valued for the unique qualities and skills you bring to the team. Our accomplishments over this past year and the progress we have made are because we, collectively, have stood side-by-side to make them happen. I thank you for being an important part of this great team.

Sometimes, it may seem like your efforts go unnoticed or that you are inconsequential in the grand scheme of things, please be reassured that you matter, what you do matters and you have contributed uniquely to the collective success and continued growth recorded so far at Greensprings.

I therefore wish to salute all our amazing staff, especially you! To thank you and reaffirm that you are valued and the work you do is appreciated.

 God bless you. God bless Greensprings School.

Happy Workers’ Day!

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