University Foundation Programme

University Foundation Programme (UFP) in partnership with David Game College,UK

The University Foundation Programme (UFP) is a one-year intensive course that leads to entry to a wide range of universities (over 90 universities) in the United Kingdom. The UFP is independent of any particular university; therefore UFP students are free to apply to the University of their choice. The programme offers an exceptional standard of education, so UFP students make a smooth transition to degree level study. Students who successfully complete the UFP are guaranteed a place at a UK university.

Greensprings UFP Advantage.
  • The UFP allows you to join nearly every undergraduate degree course
  • Dedicated support to help you enter the course of your choice
  • Flexibility for those who are initially uncertain about their degree choice
  • Prepare for University in a supportive college environment
  • External examiners from leading British university ensure the UFP is a qualification recognized by UK universities with absolute confidence
UFP Course Structure:

Minor Module: Compulsory
Mathematics, Information Technology and Communication Skills
Major Module : Students choose 3 modules , which are relevant to their intended degree at university
Accounting , Biology, Business Organisation, Chemistry, Economics, Further computing, Further Mathematics, Geography , Graphic Design, History, Law, Media Studies, Photography , Physics, Politics, Psychology, Quantitative Methods

UFP Pathways :

The UFP offers a variety of pathways that lead to entry into nearly all UK undergraduate degree courses.

Business and Finance UFP:
  • Excellent preparation for demanding and challenging undergraduate degree.
  • Opportunity to join UK’s top Business Schools

Law, Humanities and Social Sciences UFP:
  • Provides a solid academic foundation for undergraduate degree courses
  • Focuses on research , communication and study skills
Science and Pharmacy UFP:
  • Focuses on scientific methodology and practical skills
  • Includes in-depth teaching of chemistry , Biology and other key subjects
Engineering and Technology UFP:
  • Equips students with the required knowledge and skills for top undergraduate degree courses
  • Advanced Mathematics and Science teaching
  • Focuses on academic knowledge (advanced Mathematics and Science ) and practical skills (Including MATLAB)

The UFP Partner Universities