Students to take charge of their learning through Kognity

We have another good news! Greensprings School is currently working with Kognity – Intelligent Textbooks to further position our students to take charge of their learning and to make learning as much fun and interesting as it can be. Students and teachers have been trained on how to use this digital platform and trial of this amazing tool would commence at the beginning of next session!

There are students using Kognity in more than 100 countries by over 900 schools. In addition to this, 27 of the top 50 performing IB schools in the world use Kognity.

About Kognity

Kognity is challenging and changing the world as most people see it. By rethinking what a textbook could be we are improving learning globally.

Kognity is the digital publisher of curriculum-aligned intelligent textbooks for the IBDP, IGCSE and GCSE, written by experts. The content is interactive and allows for automatic feedback on students’ progress, strengths, and weaknesses. Through your child’s personal account, you will be able to easily identify the subjects and topics where they need the most support and encouragement, helping to bring them up to the next level.

Benefits of Kognity

● Kognity helps you to get an overview of your child’s progress and keep track of his or her individual strengths and weaknesses.

● You can easily see your child’s score on the tests that the teacher has assigned in Kognity.

● Kognity enhances parent-teacher conversations with a full overview of your child’s progress.

● 93% of students feel that Kognity has helped them achieve higher scores on tests.

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● Teachers can easily understand and help your child with their individual difficulties making sure all students learn in the most effective way.

● 86% of students find Kognity more engaging and fun than their printed textbooks.

● The content in the IBDP textbooks has been developed exclusively for the IB Diploma Programme by IB examiners, workshop leaders, teachers, and experts.

● Kognity offers complete textbooks that are 100% curriculum matched, which is continuously updated in order for your child to have the latest edition of the textbook at all times.

● Kognity enables students to prioritize and learn at their own pace.

Kognity’s interactive learning experience is designed to suit the individual needs of your child. By transforming the textbook from a static one-way to a dynamic two-way flow of information, Kognity is helping students to achieve better results.