Secondary Anthony Campus

Art/Craft Elective

Art and craft complements the missing part of our syllabus. It is especially concerned with the development of visual perception and aesthetics. It is a form of communication and a means of expressing ideas and feelings. It is designed to take care of exploration and aesthetic through a range of two-dimensional and /or three-dimensional processes, new media and processes.

1. To develop an imaginative, creative and intuitive response.
2. To be independent in the refinement and development of ideas and personal outcomes.
3. To engage and experiment with a range of media, materials and techniques including new media where appropriate.
4. To imbibe and inculcate creativity, visual awareness, critical and cultural understanding.
5. To build confidence, enthusiasm and a sense of achievement in the practice of Art/Craft.

Topics for Exploration
1. Cake decoration
2. Toy making
3. Cone caps for Christmas
4. Key holders
5. Collage
6. Knitting with knitters
7. Colour splash
8. Colour montage / super-imposition.

Young Engineers and Scientists (YES) Elective
In pursuance of the aims and objectives of the science curriculum this elective provides a worthwhile educational experience for all students through experimentation and practice of science, to become confident citizens in a technological world and to appreciate its applicability in other disciplines and in everyday life.
Some of the projects are design and construction of a water rocket, design and construction of an automated street light, design and construction of a hydraulic arm.

Basketball Elective
Basketball is one of the most popular sport electives in Greensprings School, Anthony. There are two days for this elective – Mondays and Fridays for the junior and senior categories respectively. With well trained professional coaches and highly motivated coordinators, there is never a dull moment during basketball drills. Activities such as jump rope, two ball dribbling, mikan drill free throw challenge, partner passing layup drills, rebounding drills, spider dribbling, figure 8 dribbling and one on one, among others, help to keep the player busy and sustain their interest throughout every single basketball elective.

Dance Elective
In Dance Elective a group of active students explore several dance movements alongside teaching and learning as they develop in various aspects of their lives. They engage in various dance moves like salsa, chacha, hip-hop and so on. We believe that dance is the ultimate fitness and exercise activity, and as such should be practised by everyone, regardless of age, sex, background or to an extent, even physical impediment.
Looking for a decent way to keep fit, meet new friends and learn to dance? That’s what our social dancing programme is about – a unique, friendly, easy to learn, awesome dance experience aimed at making you a happier and healthier dance lover.
We believe in leading, and building a community of salsa dance lovers, giving generously, nurturing and passing on the dance tradition so that others may experience the joy of social dancing.
Why don’t you join today because living a healthy life through dance is our goal, it doesn’t just end there.

Drama Elective
The elective takes place every Monday, for Years 10 & 11 and Friday for Years 7-9. Students are exposed to the elements of creating and enacting plays. Here, we discover individual skills and talents. Drama moulds the total being of our students because life itself is a big drama arena. It shapes students’ future as it equips them with social skills and how to relate; ‘man is not an island’.
Since inception, drama elective has always been the choice elective for our students. It has contributed immensely to the success of all-important calendar events of the school that is the National Day, Mother’s Day and the Christmas Show. Drama has played an integral role to liven up some of the activities and programmes in the school like the Tuesday assemblies and the Book Week.

Our future leaders deserve a well-rounded education.