Pre School Lekki Campus


Ballet Elective
Every Wednesday, Ballet elective takes place in Pre-school. It is an exciting period for the children. It is amazing to see little children from 2 – 5 years move their bodies and follow the rhythm of music. They look so beautiful, appearing like angels in their costumes.

Arts and Craft Elective
Arts and Craft elective is one elective of a kind. It brings out the creative and imaginative nature of the child, as well as, develops their artistic nature. This helps to enhance their intelligence, emotional balance, social skills and spiritual development.
Our activities so far are: Wheels on the Bus, Collage of Bird, Book Mark, Handprints, Rainbow Thread, Stone Painting, Star Fish (Triangle), Winter, Snowman, Santa and Christmas Cards.
In Arts, the process of every child’s work is a means to the final product. This at the end produces a ‘Joyful Child’.

French Elective
French elective cuts across all Pre-school classes except the 18 months – 2 years (Green Class). In this elective, children are taught French at the beginners’ stage.
The first 15 minutes is for songs and rhymes to help the children settle in. Afterwards, a lesson is taken from the scheme of work prepared for the term such as: Ma Famille (my family), Jour de Semain (days of the week), les Couleurs (colours) and so on.

Story Time Elective
Story Time elective is mainly for literacy development. The children’s imaginative skills, listening and speaking skills are developed through such activities as storytelling, reading, tongue twisters, stories with puppets and rhymes.
To add more fun to the elective, a teacher disguises as a special character, Grandma Nana, to come read to the children. The music teacher is also there to give a musical twist to the fun.

Swimming Elective
Every Monday, just after Nap time, the pupils in the Swimming elective dress up for swimming and ride in the school bus to the Sports Centre for what seems to be the most popular of all the electives in Pre-school. It is something the children always look forward to. They may forget to bring their homework bag but not their swimming stuff.
It takes a lot to explain to them on the days we can’t make it for swimming such as when it rains.

Indoor and Outdoor Games
Indoor and Outdoor Games time is one of the most exciting moments in Pre-school.
The children are usually engaged in activities such as dancing round the chair, bean bag race, feeding the penguins among others. These activities develop their fine and gross motor skills, turn taking skill, coordination, concentration and independence.

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