Pre-School Anthony Campus


Ballet Elective is an elective where the children are taught all the rudiments of ballet dancing. They learn and practice the positions and postures of every step in ballet thereby enhancing their sense of balance and gross motor control.

Indoor Games: This is an elective where the children play indoors, using some educational but interesting materials. The children develop their gross motor skills: learning to run, jump, throw, catch, and kick.

Gymnastics Elective: The children learn how to keep fit through body exercises and developing their gross motor skills.

Swimming Elective: The children are taught the fundamentals of swimming by trained instructors. This is aimed at staying safe near water and having fun.

Cultural Elective: Culture is often used as a starting point when expressing our identity to others that is why we created the cultural elective to teach our children their cultural heritage by identifying the three major ethnic groups (Ibo, Yoruba and Hausa) in Nigeria and teaching their uniqueness in their food, greetings, language, dressing, values. We also teach folk tales and folk songs.

French Elective: The children gain the awareness of French as a language spoken mainly in France and some other countries in the world. The children are in their Sensitive Period for Language, so they have an ear for learning and are more receptive to picking up new Languages.

Story Time is an elective that helps the vocabulary and language development of children. Also, it helps to develop their listening and critical thinking skills.

Arts and Craft Elective: These comprise of a host of activities and hobbies. The children are taught how to draw, paint and make things with their own hands.

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