Greensprings teacher attains Top 1 Percentile in International Teacher Olympiad, secures scholarship worth $6250

Mr Lanre Oguntoye, Assistant Principal at our Anthony campus, has achieved a remarkable milestone by attaining the Top 1 Percentile globally at the 2023 International Teacher Olympiad (ITO). This contest featured over 300,000 teachers from 10,000+ schools across 45+ countries. For this achievement, he was awarded a Certificate of Merit and a scholarship worth $6250 for the International Teachers University’s Master’s in Education (M.Ed.) programme. 

The ITO is a rigorous assessment programme evaluating teachers across six essential domains of professional practice such as Curriculum, Pedagogy & Technology, Student Engagement, Learning Environment, Learning Assessment & Data, Ethics & Values, and Teacher Growth & Professional Development. Oguntoye’s outstanding performance in this assessment earned him the accolades. 

Other prizes and recognition he bagged include a direct nomination for the Teacher Impact Award by Suraasa, access to a 6-month professional domain-wise development plan, and access to an exclusive community of teachers on Suraasa. 

A recipient of the 2019 Inspirational Teacher of the Year Award by Meadow Hall Foundation (MHF), the Lagos state champion of the 2021 Maltina Teacher of the Year award, and the Top 60 of the 2022 Cambridge Dedicated Teacher Award, Oguntoye continues to be a trailblazer in the field of education.

Expressing his joy, he said, “I am overjoyed to secure another international accolade through my Top 1% ranking in the International Teacher Olympiad. This achievement is a testament to the growth and professional development opportunities that I’ve embraced with gratitude. I want to express my appreciation for the unwavering support and commitment to teaching excellence at Greensprings School, an institution that values and fosters the continuous growth of its educators.”

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The ITO is organised by Suraasa, a leading teacher upskilling & growth platform. The olympiad aims to celebrate global educational excellence, and as Lanre Oguntoye awaits the invitation for the Teacher Impact Award, his achievement stands as an inspiration to educators worldwide. His dedication, passion for education, and pursuit of excellence make him a true asset to the teaching community.