My Dad, My Champion: Father’s Day 2023 Celebration At Our Campuses

In a heartwarming celebration of fatherhood, our school held spectacular Father’s Day events across our campuses that left both students and fathers with cherished memories and strengthened bonds.

The theme of our Father’s Day events was “My Dad, My Champion.” In our Anthony, Lekki and Ikoyi campuses, our awesome dads were celebrated by their children and honoured by the school for the champion that they are and the invaluable role they play.

Included in the events was a list of fun-filled activities for Fathers. Across our campuses, Fathers got the opportunity to dance, act as mothers, play board and indoor games, act as teachers for a day, make art with their children, and participate in a series of other interesting games. Our Fathers were also entertained with creative displays like drama, song presentations, poem recitations and choreography by their children.

To crown the events, our Fathers were presented with gifts and Fathers of the Year were awarded. After the events, there was a picture session for Fathers with their children and members of staff. It was indeed a day of laughter, love and togetherness.

To see highlights of our Father’s Day events on each of our campuses, watch the videos below.

Anthony Campus

Lekki Campus

Ikoyi Campus

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