Greensprings premieres “It Still Takes a Village” series on YouTube

In our quest to raise awareness on the importance of creating an enabling society that protects children and encourages every child to prosper, we are set to release a short drama series titled “It Still Takes a Village.” This all-students-cast series, scheduled to premiere on the 30th of June on our YouTube channel, highlights the values of the age-old communal parenting where parents cared for each other’s children regardless of whether the child is theirs or not.

Disclosing the premiere of the series, our Chief Strategy Officer, Uche Ogbu, observed that the culture of collectively raising a child through shared responsibility by various members of society is being eroded by modern technologies and lifestyles. According to him, parents must continue to play their role in ensuring that every child within their society is protected and supported towards achieving their highest potential because it is their responsibility.

“As a family-oriented and child-centred institution, we are always trying to explore opportunities to strengthen the family unit, because that is the primary foundation that can determine the success of any child. This time, we chose to explore the African proverb which states that “it takes a village to raise a child,” and we observed that the societal application of this concept is on a fast decline due to a plethora of factors, ranging from change in lifestyles, adoption of technology, excessive working hours, proliferation of mobile phones, social media binge, to child abuse.

Therefore, we decided to do something about it by putting together a short drama series titled “It Still Takes a Village.” Our goal is to emphasize the need for an environment where the voices of our children are heard and taken seriously, with the help of multiple stakeholders comprising concerned parents, extended families, neighbours, teachers, professionals, and other members of the community,” he remarked.

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The first episode of the series will be released on the 30th of June, 2022, and a new episode will be added every two weeks.