Our Students Display Spelling Expertise at the Maiden Edition of Our Intercampus Greeny Bee

In a dazzling display of spelling prowess, our students captivated attendees at the grand finale of our foremost intercampus spelling bee competition. The event which was held this February garnered commendations from parents and staff as they witnessed an impressive showcase of spelling expertise from students who had dedicated themselves to rigorous preparation.

The journey to the Greeny Bee’s grand finale commenced last year, with students competing to qualify for the final stage. After rounds of elimination, the decider spelling rounds took place on the 17th of February. Elementary school students across campuses competed at our Ikoyi campus, while our secondary school students competed at Anthony. Across our class categories, there were multiple spelling rounds which culminated in the crowning of winners in the first, second, and third places.

Undoubtedly, our intercampus competition achieved its objectives, significantly enhancing our participating students’ vocabulary and boosting their confidence levels. 

Parents lauded the remarkable progress observed in their children, highlighting newfound skills such as confidence, communication, competitive spirit, and the development of vocabulary and grammar. They noted the capacity-building aspect of competitions like this, asserting that it equips children with the skills to prepare for and achieve substantial goals in life. Our parents also expressed their gratitude for the abilities developed in their children through the competition and encouraged us to engage in more inter-campus competitions.

The event’s organiser, Mrs. Olajide, emphasised the competition’s role in fostering confidence, motivation, and a commitment to excellence. She also revealed that the decision to host the first intercampus spelling bee was motivated by the school’s acknowledgement of the heightened motivation students gain from external competitions and national spelling bee competitions. 

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Participating students also urged their peers to engage in competitions actively, emphasising the importance of adequate practice and giving their best efforts.

Watch the grand finale of our Greeny Bee competition below:  

Elementary school intercampus Greeny Bee competition:

Secondary school intercampus Greeny Bee competition: