HR Department Celebrates Valentine with 14 Days Acts of Kindness Challenge

In commemoration of Valentine’s Day this month, our HR Department introduced a 14-day challenge to add colour to our usual annual celebration of Valentine. The initiative tagged “14 Days Acts of Kindness challenge” provided an avenue for all staff to show kindness and spread love to one another. It also served as a medium for employees to build healthy relationships.

Starting from the 1st of February, staff members were asked to engage in simple daily acts of kindness. Tasks ranged from carrying out acts of service for colleagues to providing positive feedback, complimenting team members, surprising colleagues with breakfast, etc.

The challenge was wholeheartedly embraced by our community as each day, within the 14-day timeframe, staff actively participated in acts of kindness towards co-workers. The initiative served as a strong reminder to prioritise kindness in the workplace and outside of work. It also helped employees feel recognised within the community as many were complimented, affirmed and celebrated for the work that they do. Some staff even got free breakfasts and gifts from co-workers.

Speaking on the 14 Days Acts of Kindness challenge, our Human Resources Head, Mrs Cynthia Odunaiya said, “My team introduced the 14 Days Acts of Kindness challenge to remind everyone to be kind. Today’s world is highly competitive and often, we become engrossed in personal progress and inadvertently overlook the importance of showing kindness to our colleagues and loved ones. It is necessary that we take a moment to reflect, be sensitive to those around us and show kindness to them.”

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She continued her thoughts saying, “Although Valentine’s Day traditionally focuses on romantic love, we have a longstanding tradition in Greensprings of celebrating staff with music, gifts, treats, cakes, and pictures on this day. This year, we decided to go beyond the usual celebration by incorporating this acts of kindness challenge. Kindness implies showing Love and Love is an action word that involves giving.”

“The initiative introduced aligns perfectly with our core values and motto as an organisation: to serve one another in love. Through this challenge, we want people to remember to be sensitive to those around them, to be thoughtful, and to spread love through kindness.”

The 14 Days Acts of Kindness challenge which commenced on February 1st, culminated in a grand finale on Valentine’s Day, February 14th. As usual, the HR department showered all staff with love and appreciation for meaningful contributions to our school’s progress. Across our campuses, there were colourful red and white decorations, assorted chocolates, cakes, and photo booths to mark the day. Our staff had a good time bonding and creating memories over pictures and treats.

Click the video below to watch a slideshow of our Valentine’s Day pictures across campuses:

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