Greensprings School decorated as one of the first HP IDEA Schools in the Middle East & Africa

Eight of our teachers have been certified as HP IDEA Fellows, and our school has been decorated as one of the first HP IDEA Schools in the Middle East & Africa. This certification and decoration marked the completion of the year-long Innovation & Digital Education Academy (IDEA) programme by Hewlett-Packard (HP). The eight certified teachers are Innocent Oaikhena, Esther Akpan, Rachael Eretan, and Omolade Adetola; others include Bosede Agboola, Lanre Oguntoye, Monsuru Okunade, and Omolade Oni.


Commenting on the achievement, our Deputy Director of Education, Dr Barney Wilson said the programme will strengthen the school’s position as an innovative and cutting-edge learning institution.

“Eight of our teachers are now HP IDEA Fellows, and we are extremely happy about this achievement. To become Fellows, they had intensive training sessions weekly and attended scheduled conferences since the programme began in September 2020. The teachers were challenged to explore a variety of frameworks to reflect innovation in the educational context. Amidst their already tight schedules, they were able to cope with the demands of the programme and successfully completed several innovative projects. I believe the knowledge and skills gathered from the programme will strengthen our position as an innovative and cutting-edge learning institution,” he remarked.

The HP IDEA School plaque is now displayed on our three campuses, and all our teachers now have an opportunity to become HP IDEA Associates.

Dr Wilson HP IDEA
Dr Wilson standing beside the HP IDEA School plaque displayed at our Anthony campus

HP IDEA is an initiative of HP, the computer hardware manufacturer, in collaboration with Intel, a leading producer of semiconductors and Mirai Partners, an education innovation consultancy. The programme was designed to address the challenges and harness the opportunities presented by COVID-19’s impact on the education sector in Middle East & Africa.

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