10 Exercises that Would Make Your Child to Stay Fit and Healthy

Simple exercises for children include running, skipping, cycling, and jogging. The exercises are enjoyable, and if they are done regularly, they help children to stay healthy and fit. Read on to find more about the top 10 exercises which children can practice.
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#1. Walking

Taking a brisk walk in the morning and evening helps a lot to reduce weight not only for children but for adults also.

1 Walking

#2. Running

Running is a very good exercise and children love doing this. You can make a few more children get involved in it, and they will definitely enjoy the working out like a game.

2 Running

#3. Jogging

Kids love jogging and jumping in one place. You can put on some music so that they think it to be fun and excitement.


#4. Skipping

Skipping is no more a game and physical activity for girls. Boys like rope skipping a lot, and they enjoy it more like a game than a workout.


#5. Cycling

If you are living in a colony, there must be many children of the same age group as of your child. Make cycling a group activity, and let them have some treasure hunting or simple cycling activity altogether.


#6. Swimming

Today, almost all apartments and colonies have a swimming pool, and children love swimming especially in summer days. Make this a part of life, and this is the best exercise to keep in shape.


#7. Dancing

If your child has an interest in dancing, let him join a dance club or class and enjoy the physical activity.

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#8. Aerobics

Girls would love to join aerobics classes.


#9. Chair squats

Stand about 6 inches in front of a chair with feet shoulder-width apart and toes pointed forward. With weight on the heels, inhale and slowly lower the hips until the butt taps the chair. Exhale, straighten legs and come up to starting position. Do this 8 to 15 times.


#10. Using Stairs

Instead of using a lift, you can encourage your child to use stairs. Climbing stairs can give a good workout to hips, legs, and butt, and it is very helpful for strengthening the heart.


These exercises can be chosen according to the age and interest of the child and the availability of the facility in your area. You need to be patient because it may take some time to influence your child to make it a habit.