Why Boarding


Why Board At Greensprings School?

Making choices that matter and taking responsibility for themselves:
Although the students have support from their house-parents and others in the community, they make choices with regard to structures in place as well as take responsibility for their actions. This leads to increased maturity, greater self-sufficiency and superior preparation for life in the larger world.

Being in an environment where new ideas flourish…

Enables students to take risks in a safe environment because it is an adventure where they can acquire unique and positive skills. They will be a part of a community where willingness to explore is inherent in the student body, and where lots of people will also be trying new things to their own benefit and that of the society on the long run. With every little challenge, the student learns a bit more about himself or herself and this means that the student often experiences a lot of personal growth and increased self-confidence.

Having a lot of fun and forming intense friendships as well as having a wide range of friends

Room-mates become best of friends with a very close network. The friendships they make in this Boarding School are those they will remember for life. In our Boarding School are students from a wide range of geographical, racial, and socio-economic backgrounds. Students are exposed to different individuals and cultures and this encourages open-mindedness in the students.


Students in Boarding School are more disciplined because there are fewer distractions. This encourages independence, participation in co-curricular activities under the monitoring of the house-parents in a firm, fair and friendly manner.

Family Issues

In a situation where there are family issues, it is safer for the children to be in an environment where they will be protected and cared for without any bias or prejudice from either parents or extended family members, at least for the period they are in Boarding School.

In conclusion, the above points are enhanced in Greensprings School Boarding with emphasis on our Quote of the Week and the following slogans in addition to our school wide, “in LOVE serve one another”;

• If it has to be ————– it’s up to me
• Others may —————- but I can’t
• Do things with a sense of urgency and precision!!

Ifeanyichukwu Grace Bernard-Oti
Principal Boarding, Lekki Campus

Alero Molua Peace
Principal Boarding, Anthony Campus