Benefits of Music Education
10 Benefits of Music Education to Your Child

During infancy, parents often use music to soothe and pet children when they cry. Music also does great wonder as a lullaby, because babies enjoy the melody when they are about to sleep.  It is also quite easy to engage and interact with kids through songs. Have you ever wondered why children easily learn songs […]

Parental Mistakes
10 Common Parental Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make In 2021

No one is above mistakes — even parents are not exempted. Many parents have raised grown-up children with one regret or the other before realizing the gravity of their actions. In this blog post, we’ve collated 10 common parental mistakes you shouldn’t make in 2021. It is easier to retrace a step in the wrong […]

Christmas show 2020
2020 Virtual Christmas Shows At Greensprings School

Every year, each of our sections including the preschool, elementary, secondary and IB Diploma physically host us in their Christmas show across all campuses. However, due to the limitations of COVID-19 protocols, we held all our Christmas shows virtually this year. Watch each of the Christmas shows across all sections and campuses below: Preschool Christmas […]

Share a Smile
Share a Smile @ Christmas: Lekki campus extends love to host community

In celebration of the Christmas session, our Lekki campus reached out to Roman Catholic Mission Primary School, Awoyaya. The aim was to put a smile on the faces of the pupils and staff of the school; so, we organized a Father Christmas show and gave out gift items and educational materials. After visiting Roman Catholic […]

Asset Management
Career Webinar on Asset Management

This December, our “career, college, and university readiness” centre arranged another informative webinar. Mr Yosola Odunaiya of FBNQuest Trustees Limited was the invited speaker, and he shared with our students what it takes to become an Asset Manager. Watch the video of the session below.

lockdown movie
Collabo of the year: Lekki & Anthony students premiered stunning movie of Nollywood standard

Our Anthony and Lekki campus usually present their Christmas production separately, but this year is different, with the two campuses having a collabo to produce a movie titled Lockdown. Unlike the previous Christmas productions, which were stage plays, the movie was filmed in locations, including the popular Lagos Travel Inn. Lockdown was professionally shot to […]

Family Outdoor Activities
8 Refreshing and Fun Family Outdoor Activities You Can Do at Home

Staying indoors for too long can get tiring and boring; it can even affect a person’s mental health. Based on a report by the National Academies of Sciences, social isolation has been associated with a 50% increased risk of developing dementia. Also, a 2019 study showed that kids who spend the least amount of time […]

Spend Quality Time with Your Family
9 Best Ways to Spend Quality Time with Your Family

There are countless reasons for you not to spend quality time with your family. You are always busy with work; you work on weekends, you spend hours in traffic and by the time you get home, you are already tired.  While these reasons are legitimate, research shows that families in which the members do things […]

non-contact sports
Our students now engage in only non-contact sports — Head of P.E, Anthony campus

As the pandemic continues to discourage social gatherings, Ms Gladys Okatho, Head of Physical Education (P.E) at our Anthony campus, has called for the involvement of children in non-contact sports. She made this call recently while speaking on the effects of the pandemic on sports and Physical Education in Nigerian schools. In her opinion, many […]

How to Make Your Child Feel Loved and Valued
How to Make Your Child Feel Loved and Valued

The need for love, affection and belonging is now considered to be among our basic needs. This means that aside from food, clothing and shelter, people now expect others to show how much they love them. Kids are not an exception in this feeling of wanting to be loved, but many parents struggle to find […]