Should Sex Education Be Taught in Nigerian Schools?

Sex education is one heated conversation with conflicting opinions. Parents have a different view on sexual education. Some believe that sex education should not be taught in school, while others believe that only certain aspects of sex education should be taught. Some think it should be part of the school curriculum. If it should be […]

Comfort Mascot
World School Games 2020: Our Student Wins Mascot Design Competition

This new year begins with a victory for our school, as our student Comfort Samuel has been declared the winner of the World School Games 2020 mascot design competition. The competition started in November 2019, and students from schools all over the world submitted their designs. After several reviews and public voting, Comfort’s design named […]

teaching children about money
Teaching Kids about Money:10 Things Every Child Should Know

Teaching kids about money is crucial in helping them know the usefulness cash brings.
What is the importance of teaching kids about money? What should my child know about money?
If you are looking for answers to these questions, then keep reading.

Alumni Homecoming
Alumni Homecoming Party 2019

Our Alumni Homecoming White Party was held at the Ikoyi campus on Friday 27th of December, 2019. It was attended by former students of our Anthony and Lekki campuses, and it was funfilled.

Nigerian Food-Top 6 Local Delicacies For The Family
Nigerian Food: Top 6 Local Delicacies For The Family

Nigeria is a huge country with ethnically and culturally diverse groups of people with over 500 tribes. Little wonder there are so many different delicacies unique to them. Nigerian food is so amazing as it gives a distinct flavour that cannot be found anywhere in the world.

End of 2019: Our Christmas Shows Are Stunning

The tradition for most Nigerian schools is to end the year with celebrations, and we aren’t left out, as we celebrated Christmas shows across our four campuses — including Anthos House, our school for special needs education. The shows were attended by parents, members of staff of our school and well-wishers, and our students thrilled […]

Post Natal Exercise 4
7 Postnatal Exercises to Get Back in Shape

Getting back in shape immediately after delivery is what a lot of nursing/new mothers wish for. However, dropping the “baby fat” postpartum is a difficult task for many women. It is also a gradual process and health professionals usually advise that you allow your body to heal first and recuperate for about 6 weeks before […]

Benefits of childhood education in Nigeria
5 Benefits of Early Childhood Education in Nigeria

Early childhood education in Nigeria plays a crucial role in the formative years of a child. A child’s early years lay the foundation for all that is to come. It is at this stage children need to learn and develop their cognitive skills.  In recent years, researchers have learnt that the human brain develops the […]

Parenting in Nigeria: Facts You May Not Have Known

Parenting in Nigeria is quite different from other countries. If you are like us, you will like to know what makes parenting in Nigeria distinct. Is it the cultural values of the nation or are parents in Nigeria just remarkable? The aim of this article is to mention facts about parenting in Nigeria you may not be familiar with. Sit back and enjoy the read.