Anthos House Holds Its First-Ever Certificate Ceremony

Students of our special needs school, Anthos House have been certified by the Award Scheme Development and Accreditation Network (ASDAN) after completing their vocational courses.

Speaking at the certificate ceremony, Dr. Kimberley Scollard, Head of the School at Anthos House commended the students and stated that it is wonderful to see all their hard work being rewarded with a certificate.

She described the students as smart, dedicated, and talented, saying they discovered things about themselves that they had no idea they were capable of.

The Deputy Director of Education, Dr. Barney Wilson,  explained that the ASDAN programme gives the students the life skills that they need to be successful.

In addition, Mrs Atinuke Ogunnaike, Assistant Principal, Anthos House, said as students in mainstream schools require IGCSE and other certificates for further studies, the special needs students require ASDAN certifications.

Anthos House was established with the primary objective of preparing students to become independent and equipping them with the relevant skills to be self-sufficient.

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