Anthony Campus Holds Annual Sports Day Event

Our Anthony Campus has held its 2024 Sports Day bringing together students, parents, and staff members for a day of athletic competition at the UNILAG Sports Centre. 

The day kicked off with an opening ceremony, during which students paraded around the sports field. Following the parade, students competed in a range of track and field events which also featured inter-school competitions for parents and staff.

The competition concluded with an award ceremony, where winners from each event were recognised for their achievements. Medals and trophies were presented to those who excelled in their respective sports. 

Overall, Enahoro House came 3rd position, Amina House came 2nd and Moremi House was announced as the winner of the 2024 Sports Day event with the 1st place position.

The Sports Day event, in addition to showcasing athletic talents, highlighted the importance of teamwork, perseverance, and mutual respect among our students.

Click the video below to watch the highlights:


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