2024 Book Week & Costume Day Celebration

In a celebration of literary imagination and the magic of storytelling, we marked 2024 Book Week with a series of engaging activities that brought literature to life for students across our campuses. 

These activities included a visit and reading session by prolific authors like Mrs Bella Disu, who read excerpts from her book, “Soso and the Kako Leaf” to our students and many more.

Our Executive Director, Mrs. Lai Koiki selected a collection of books to also read to students at the Lekki Campus. Throughout the reading session, Mrs. Koiki engaged with the students, encouraging them to share their thoughts and interpretations of the stories.

Other activities at the Book Week entailed story-writing workshops, book games & quizzes, and arts & crafts sessions to design favourite book covers. Students also dressed up as their favourite character from a book of their choice for the Book Character Costume Day and Parade. 

Reflecting on the day’s events, the Librarians across our campuses expressed their delight at seeing the entire school community come together to celebrate the joy of reading. 

According to them, Book Week is not just about honouring the authors and stories that have enriched our lives; it’s majorly about fostering a culture of literacy and lifelong learning among our students.

Watch the videos below to see the highlights of our World Book Week and Costume Day Celebrations across our campuses:



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