Share A Smile Project: Ikoyi Campus Brings Smiles to Underprivileged Community

In our bid to provide access to quality education, our Ikoyi Campus brings smiles to neighbouring communities through their donations to Sparkle Foundation under the umbrella of the “Share A Smile” project. Items donated include school supplies such as school bags, books and other writing materials.

The heartwarming initiative aimed to alleviate the burden of purchasing essential educational materials and create an inclusive learning environment for all children within the community. By equipping these students with the necessary tools, we ensured they could fully participate in classroom activities, complete assignments, and explore their creativity without limitations.

This noble effort not only helps bridge the resource gap between children who are underprivileged but also fosters a sense of unity and compassion within the community.


The “Share A Smile” project is an initiative by Greensprings School. However, in 2021, Greensprings School and Sparkle Foundation launched a “Share A Smile” collaborative project in Itolowo Community, Ikorodu, Lagos which also saw the provision of school supplies and snacks for children in the community.

The Sparkle Foundation team are excited about the “Share A Smile” project which according to them will help more children stand a chance of fulfilling their potential regardless of their background and social status.

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