Preschool Art Exhibition At Our Anthony Campus

On Wednesday, 29th March, our Preschool, Anthony Campus held an art exhibition to showcase the artistic abilities of our young children. The exhibition featured the vibrant and creative works of our preschoolers.

The artwork included colouring, collages, cut-outs and drawings, all made using different materials such as crayons, paper, glitters and natural objects like guinea corn.

The exhibition was a fun-filled event, with parents and family members eagerly admiring the display and purchasing the artwork.

It was a platform to enable the children to build their entrepreneurial skills and also make art pieces as a project for our upcoming Open House event.

With the support of our teachers, the children were able to bring their artistic vision to life, and the end result was a beautiful display of imagination and talent.

The preschool art exhibition was a great success and proof of the creative potential of young children. All proceeds from the exhibition will be donated to a charity.

Watch the video below for the highlights of the preschool art exhibition.

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