More Greensprings Students Receive IMOC Mathematics Elitist Title

Last October, the organizer of the International Maths Olympiad Challenge (IMOC) accorded some of our students its Elitist title, because of their outstanding performance in the competition. This January, the organizer announced the conclusion of the 2021 edition of the competition, and more of our students have been awarded the title.

Prominent among the new recipients of the title are Fareedah Oyolola, our student honoured as one of the world’s brightest in 2021, and Daniel Adejuwon, Year 6 class-of-2021 valedictorian at our Anthony campus.

IMOC LogoCongratulating all our students who were honoured with the mathematics title in 2021, Dr Barney Wilson, our Deputy Director of Education, said these are great times for our school. “The rising tide lifts all boats, and these are great times for Greensprings School. Congratulations to all our students who participated in the intense mathematics challenge and received the Elitist title. Kudos also go to every teacher who has taught them and to our great leaders who ensure our environments remain conducive for teaching and learning,” he said.

The International Maths Olympiad Challenge is a global mathematics championship for students who are mathematics fanatics and always seeking challenges that will deepen their understanding of mathematics. The timeline for the 2022 edition of the challenge is yet to be announced.

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