French Proficiency Test: Lekki students awarded DELF Prim A1 diploma certificates

Last year, a set of our Year 6 students from the Lekki campus wrote the DELF Prim A1 papers. The results of the French language proficiency exam are now out, and for their excellent performance, the students were recently awarded certificates by the French Ministry of Education.

The DELF Prim helps students to enhance their French language skills, and the exam covers different areas including listening, writing,  speaking,  and reading. Our Lekki campus elementary students have been taking the exam since 2017, with an excellent pass rate. For the DELF Prim A1 written by the students in 2022, we recorded a 94% pass rate, and our French language teachers are instrumental in preparing the students for the exam.

The picture below shows the students, now in Year 7, displaying the certificate issued to them by the French Ministry of Education. The DELF Prim A1 papers are designed to certify proficiency in French as a Foreign Language for children ages 8 to 12.

DELF Prim Lekki Elementary

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