IB Testimonial

The IB Programme was one of the options open to us when our son completed his IGCSE exams and I am glad we opted for it.

Taking three subjects at high level and three at lower level gives him the option of flexibility in reconsidering the choice of a profession to another one that can be accommodated within the six subjects he is studying.

The first thing I noticed at the IB School was the staff and their warm welcome. I thank the IB Principal and IB Coordinator for their patience in answering all my questions and I must say I always ask lots of questions

We were taken on a tour of the IB Boarding House and it was very good, the common room, the Wi-Fi everywhere and so on. I don’t mind spending a few nights there myself.

Our son has been in the IB Programme for about two weeks now and I saw him a few days ago and I saw changes. He has matured in that short period of time and is getting more confident and independent. I didn’t see the young boy I dropped off two weeks ago. I saw a mature young man.

He was telling me the other day that he went for CAS, athletics and dance lessons for a show coming up and I was surprised since he didn’t do all that before.

This IB Programme is making him an all round student, not only focusing on academics but also on the other activities.

Like the IB Principal told us at the induction that it’s not only about academics and getting the A’s, the student must also be active in co-curricular activities which most university and colleges abroad also look at in assessing the individual. Although our son had seven A’s in IGCSE, he was not that much involved in other activities except composing music and writing lyrics but now in the IB School he is involved in loads of co-curricular activities.

Without any doubt, I am glad I took this option and will advise same for any parent.

Mr Ibidapo Oyebolu.

When I was told about the IB programme, my first impression was “a waste of time and funds”. Of course, there was so much pressure from my ward to participate. Today, I am very pleased to have allowed Mabel go through IB. She says her first year of college is all like the IB Programme. With her “IB high level” scores, she is awarded automatic credits! This will give her extra time to study for other courses and participate in more events. This could save her a year and savings in school fees.

I am proud of the IB programme and gladly recommend it! In all things I give thanks.

Mrs Bose Alamu


Elizabeth Emmanuel from Arrows of God Orphanage Home would like to use this opportunity to appreciate the entire management and the IB students of Greensprings School for their full support in sponsoring my university education . I am a final year student of Bowen University – one of the top private universities in Nigeria owned by the Nigerian Baptist Convention – studying Mass Communication.

I first met the IB students three years ago when they came to the orphanage for their community service. On that fateful day I was the only student in the house who got admission into the university but was unable to go for registration due to lack of funds. During my interaction with the students they found out that I was not able to go school because of funds. They immediately promised me that they will see what they can do about it. To my surprise they paid my fees some days after. I thought that maybe at some point the payment of the fees will stop but I am right now in my final year and they have paid for this semester.

I believe that my future is bright because of this. The work that these IB students have done to ensure that I will be able to graduate from university has truly touched me. Even though these are students from privileged backgrounds, they truly care and are dedicated to helping people like myself and positively impacting their community and country.

I am grateful to God and the IB students of Greensprings School for making life worth living for me, by helping me financially to pay my school fees, transportation costs for my industrial training and pocket allowance for the past three years. Over the years I have gained more knowledge from 100-level to 300-level. I just concluded my second industrial training at the Africa Independent Television (AIT). I am ready for a fresh session which is my final session at the university next week.

Miss Elizabeth Emmanuel