CAS Charity: Another Orphan Sponsored by IB Students Graduates from University

Two years ago, Precious Emmanuel, an orphan who was sponsored through our IB Diploma students’ creativity, activity, and service (CAS) project, graduated with a first-class in Economics from Anambra State University. This month, we received the news that another orphan being sponsored through the project, Chioma Odoh Lydia, has also graduated from the same university with a second-class upper.

In her message of gratitude to the students, she thanked them for sponsoring her education from 100 to 500 level — and hoped to impact other people’s lives through charity.

She said, “Years ago, I got admitted to study Agricultural Economics and Extension at Anambra State University, but the orphanage home where I live couldn’t fund my education. Greensprings IB Diploma students came to my rescue around the time and sponsored my education from 100 to 500 level. I am very grateful and won’t take it for granted. My future aspiration is to become a rice farmer, acquire digital marketing skills, and reach out to less privileged children.”

Mrs Sunkanmi-Qaazzeem, the CAS coordinator and our Wider Curriculum Principal, spoke about how the IB students generated funds for the academic sponsorship, stating that the students worked for the money and saved it to an account set up by the school. She remarked, “The funds used for sponsoring the orphans are not from the pocket money of the students. They have been trained in entrepreneurship and fundraising, so they worked to generate the fund and seek out donors within the school’s community.”

“Some of the things they do to get money include making and selling snacks and gift packs, organizing movie nights, and getting involved in jumble sales. They also earn income by providing car wash services, and during school events, they seek donations toward their community service projects, and all income realized from donations and creative crafts of the students are put into a bank account set up for students’ charity projects.”

The IB Diploma charity project is continuous and a requirement for every student that passes through the IB Diploma Programme.

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