Cynthia Odunaiya

Cynthia Odunaiya

Welcome to Greensprings the school of choice!

At Greensprings school we ensure that your children/wards are equipped with a well rounded education provided by qualified and carefully selected teachers.

We pay detailed attention to ensuring that we recruit, retain and reward team members who have successfully undergone our rigorous recruitment and selection process.

Greensprings School is committed to continuous professional development of her staff both locally and internationally thus ensuring that they are updated on both national and international best practices as it relates to the educational industry.

We are also committed to creating a well motivated and engaged workforce as no organisation is greater than its workforce..

The impact of this on our community is a dedicated and committed team who are always ready and willing to give their best in ensuring your children achieve and exceed their potentials.

Thank you for entrusting us with the education of your children.

Their success remain our pride!